AirtelTigo undergoes rebranding, adopts new name AT

**Title: AirtelTigo Rebrands as AT: Exciting Changes Ahead for Ghana’s Telecom Industry**


![AirtelTigo Rebrands as AT: Exciting Changes Ahead for Ghana’s Telecom Industry](thumbnail link)

AirtelTigo, one of Ghana’s leading telecom networks, has recently rebranded itself as AT, effective June 22, 2023[^1^]. This transformative change will extend to its sub-brands, AT Money, AT Business, AT Premier, and AT Insurance[^1^].

In this video, Director Kad delves into the significance of AirtelTigo’s rebranding journey and asks for your opinion on the new logo[^2^]. With the telecom landscape evolving rapidly, this rebranding initiative promises exciting possibilities for the future of telecommunications in Ghana[^2^].

Join the discussion in the comment section below and share your thoughts on AirtelTigo’s rebranding decision. Do you think a different logo or name would have been more effective? Let us know[^2^].

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[^1^]: [AT (formerly AirtelTigo) Official Website](
[^2^]: [Director Kad’s YouTube Channel](

AirtelTigo has officially changed its brand name to AT, effective Thursday, June 22, 2023.
The name change will apply to all sub-brands; AT Money, AT Business, AT Premier and AT Insurance.
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