Adapting US Go-To-Market Models to Europe: A Guide by Frontline Ventures

**Title**: Adapting US Go-to-market Models to Europe: Expert Discussion with Slack, Attentive, and LinkedIn

**Video Description**:

In this insightful panel discussion, Stephen McIntyre, Partner at Frontline X, sits down with industry leaders Johann Butting (SVP Sales at Slack), Anup Khera (VP & GM International at Attentive), and Olivier Sabella (VP EMEA & LATAM at LinkedIn) to explore the best strategies for adapting US go-to-market models to the European market. They share their extensive experience and provide valuable insights for businesses looking to expand their operations in Europe.

**Keywords/Tags**: US go-to-market models, Europe, sales, marketing, business expansion, Slack, Attentive, LinkedIn

**Full Transcript**:

Stephen: Okay, so our next panel is about how to adapt go-to-market models from the US to Europe. This is something many of you in the room are dealing with, and we have a panel of highly experienced individuals to discuss it. We have Johann Butting, Anup Khera, and Olivier Sabella.

Johann: SVP at Slack, former VP of EMEA at Slack and Dropbox. Anup: Head of International at Attentive, formerly worked at ExactTarget and Salesforce. Olivier: VP at LinkedIn, with experience at ServiceSource and SAP.

Johann: Before we dive into this topic, I want to highlight the immense opportunities present in the current environment. Despite the fluctuating valuations, companies in Europe have a chance to hire top-tier talent and focus on customers and process improvement. Building a strong team and delivering value will make us come out of this even stronger.

Stephen: It’s great to hear your perspective, and it applies to all of us, regardless of our location. Speaking of adaptation, Johann, you had fast starts at notable companies like Dropbox and Slack. Can you share your experience?

Johann: Absolutely. At both Dropbox and Slack, my focus was on understanding the product-driven growth and word-of-mouth referrals. In Europe, it was crucial to align our strategies with these growth drivers, rather than solely focusing on sales. We had to understand the market nuances and build our metrics accordingly. Marketing played a vital role in driving success by creating awareness and converting website visits into active customers.

Stephen: It’s interesting to hear that marketing played a pivotal role in your success. Our research indicates that many successful US companies tend to underinvest in marketing while prioritizing sales. Anup, what’s your view on this?

Anup: I completely agree with Johann. Marketing should be an early priority in expanding into Europe. Hiring a marketing team within the first six months is critical. They not only help secure budgets for events but also assist in creating customer case studies that showcase our products’ capabilities in the market. Building relationships and presenting a strong business case would help get marketing approved even before hiring salespeople.

Stephen: That’s a valuable insight, Anup. Building a solid foundation with key functions is indeed crucial. Is there a specific sequence of functions that should be initiated in EMEA?

Anup: Personally, I would prioritize getting marketing approved before salespeople. Core components such as go-to-market teams and basic functions like inbound SDRs and outbound AEs are essential. The sequence may vary based on factors like funding and business stage, but establishing these core functions lays the groundwork for successful expansion and growth.


Partner at Frontline X, Stephen McIntyre sits down with Johann Butting (SVP Sales at Slack), Anup Khera (VP & GM International at Attentive) and Olivier Sabella (VP EMEA & LATAM at Linkedin (Talent Solutions)), to discuss how best to adapt US go-to-market models to Europe.

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