Good Foods: Sustainable Meat Producer Faces Bankruptcy

**Do Good Foods, a Sustainable Meat Producer, Files for Bankruptcy**

Do Good Foods, a sustainable meat producer that focuses on cutting food waste, has recently filed for bankruptcy. This New Jersey-based company, with asset-management giant Nuveen as one of its investors, listed estimated assets and liabilities of up to $500 million in a bankruptcy petition filed in Delaware. The Chapter 11 filing allows Do Good Foods to continue operations while it formulates a plan to repay its creditors.

**Producing Sustainable Meat by Diverting Food Waste**

Do Good Foods produces sustainable meat by diverting food waste from supermarkets and utilizing it as feed. At present, the company operates a facility in Pennsylvania where it raises chicken. Additionally, it has plans to expand to two other facilities. This approach not only reduces food waste but also promotes environmental sustainability.

**Nuveen’s Investment in Do Good Foods**

Do Good Foods secured a significant investment of $169 million from Nuveen in 2021. This infusion of funds has enabled the company to expand its operations and reach a wider market. The startup’s chicken products are now available at major retail chains such as Safeway, Target, and ShopRite.

**Bankruptcy Filing Ensures Continuity and Debt Repayment Plan**

By filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy, Do Good Foods can continue operating its business without disruption. This allows the company to generate revenue and work towards a plan that will satisfy its creditors. Through the bankruptcy process, Do Good Foods aims to restructure its finances and emerge as a stronger and more sustainable company.

**Future Plans and Expansion**

Despite the bankruptcy filing, Do Good Foods remains committed to its mission of sustainable meat production. The company has stated its intention to expand its operations to two new facilities, demonstrating its determination to overcome its financial challenges and forge ahead with its ecological objectives.


Do Good Foods, a sustainable meat producer focused on minimizing food waste, has filed for bankruptcy. Despite these financial difficulties, the company remains dedicated to its mission and plans to expand its operations. With Nuveen as a key investor, Do Good Foods aims to restructure its finances and continue its commitment to sustainable meat production.

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