An Explanation of Vechain TCC & Toolchain

# VeChain TCC & Toolchain: Explained – A Comprehensive Breakdown

Welcome to Tech Tips to Go! In today’s video, I’ll be providing an in-depth explanation of VeChain’s TCC and how it works in conjunction with Toolchain. I’ve gathered information from various sources including forums and insights from Jason Rockwood. So, let’s dive into understanding the main differences between VET tokens, VTHO gas, and the role of TCC.

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Hey, guys! Ron here with Tech Tips to Go. In today’s video, I’m going to explain Toolchain and TCC, and provide you with a basic understanding of what TCC is, how it compares to VET, and its relationship with VTHO. Please feel free to correct me if I make any mistakes, as I’ve gathered information from numerous articles, whitepapers, and tweets by Jason Rockwood.

Let’s jump right into it! Through this diagram on my whiteboard, I’ll try to simplify things. Think of TCC as a form of gas, similar to VTHO. They are used in a similar way, and both serve a similar purpose. VTHO is the gas needed within the Vechain Universe, as you may have heard in the background as I go through my virtual workday.

Now, imagine being a business owner or a Vechain supply chain consultant trying to onboard customers to use the Toolchain platform. Explaining the process as, “First, you need to create an account. Then, you need to buy some cryptocurrency and navigate the fluctuating market. After that, you buy VET, which is used to obtain VTHO gas.” This complex explanation could potentially deter potential customers.

To address this issue, Toolchain comes into play. Toolchain, developed by Vechain, is their SAS (Software as a Service) product. When a user on Twitter questioned who uses Toolchain, Jason Rockwood replied, “Let me answer that simply. Who doesn’t use Toolchain?” Majority of customers that Vechain onboard, through their partnerships with PwC and DNV GL, utilize Toolchain. It serves as an easier way for these companies to onboard customers like Walmart. However, more technologically advanced customers, such as Claire and other companies like Real Items, utilize Adapt to build upon the Vechain ecosystem. Jason further explained this in his tweet: “Be chain tool chain clients using daps like player Cecil or real items aren’t using tool chain. Those soon, real items will incorporate tool chain as well as being it.” So, these developers build upon Vechain’s technology.

To simplify the onboarding process, TCC, together with Toolchain, acts as a solution. Now, businesses can quickly onboard customers without having to explain the intricacies of cryptocurrencies. Instead of mentioning VET, VTHO, or cryptocurrency, they only need to highlight TCC. It’s more like issuing a quote or a business proposal, including professional services like PwC consultants and TCC. This makes the onboarding process seamless and eliminates the need to delve into the complexities of cryptocurrency.

For those already familiar with cryptocurrencies, TCC’s burn rate will be similar to VTHO. Businesses will require TCC and will also burn VTHO at a correlated rate. To summarize, TCC simplifies the process for onboarding future businesses by eliminating the need to explain cryptocurrencies. The four main reasons behind Vechain’s introduction of Toolchain and TCC are simplicity, faster onboarding, revenue generation, and the removal of cryptocurrency complications.

If you’re concerned about burn rate, fear not! Through various platforms such as Reddit, forums, Twitter, and YouTube, evidence suggests that there will still be an ongoing burn rate.

And that concludes our comprehensive breakdown of VeChain’s TCC and Toolchain. I hope you found this explanation helpful. If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to leave them in the comments below. Don’t forget to like, subscribe, and share this video to support our channel!


Vechain TCC & Toolchain explained.

Based on what I’ve been reading from the forums and from Jason Rockwood here is a video explaining Vechain’s TCC and how it works with toolchain and the main differences between VET tokens, VTHO gas etc. etc.

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This information is what was found publicly on the internet. This is all my own opinion. All information is meant for public awareness , entertainment and is public domain. Please take this information and do your own research.

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