$670 Reward Available for Elon Musk’s Cryptocurrency Wallet

**Title: Someone Offers Bounty for Elon Musk’s Crypto Wallet on Blockchain Intel Exchange**


An emerging blockchain application called Arkham Intelligence’s “Intel Exchange” has gained attention as someone has already put up a bounty for information about Elon Musk’s crypto wallet. The bounty, amounting to around $670 in cryptocurrency, has raised privacy and safety concerns since the launch of this controversial platform. While Arkham aims to enhance transparency in the crypto space, critics argue that it goes against the culture of anonymity that the industry holds dear. This article delves into the details of the Intel Exchange and the potential implications of paying to expose crypto users.

**The Intel Exchange and its Purpose**

Arkham’s “intel-to-learn” application, the Intel Exchange, allows users to submit bounties for information about an individual’s blockchain transactions deemed “in the public interest.” The project’s website states that the goal is to bring about a greater level of transparency in the crypto industry, making it easier to identify malicious actors like scammers, hackers, and dumpers. Additionally, the platform aims to monetize valuable market analysis, research, and dashboards discovered by users.

**Controversial Bounties and Concerns**

Aside from the bounty for Elon Musk’s crypto wallet, the Intel Exchange showcases other bounties, including rewards of nearly $7,000 for information on undiscovered crypto wallets owned by fugitive Terraform Labs founder Do Kwon. Another bounty worth $67,000 is offered to uncover the hacker responsible for stealing $415 million from FTX following its collapse.

Critics of the platform argue that paying to expose crypto users is contradictory to the industry’s emphasis on anonymity. Moreover, some individuals on Crypto Twitter expressed concerns that the Intel Exchange could incentivize violence and corruption, potentially leading to on-chain assassination markets.

**CEO’s Defense and Guidelines**

In response to the criticism, Arkham CEO Miguel Morel defended the Intel Exchange, stating that the platform sets a high bar for verifying information. He emphasized that all information submitted as a response to bounties must be publicly available and must not include personal identifiers such as physical addresses, phone numbers, or financial information.

According to the company’s guidelines, Arkham aims to operate within legal boundaries and prioritizes protecting users’ privacy, despite their mission to enhance transparency.

**Funding and Investors**

Arkham has successfully raised over $10 million in two funding rounds, valuing the company at $150 million. Notable investors include venture capital investor Tim Draper, Bedrock Capital, Wintermute Trading, GSR Markets, and the co-founders of Palantir and OpenAI. These investments affirm the potential value and market interest in the Intel Exchange platform.


As the Intel Exchange continues to gain attention in the crypto industry, the debate surrounding its merits and potential consequences persists. While it aims to increase transparency and deter malicious activities, critics argue that the platform conflicts with the core principles of anonymity that have defined the crypto space. It remains to be seen how Arkham will navigate these concerns and uphold the ethical standards necessary for its success in the long term.

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