2023 Forbes Health Review: Unveiling the Essence of Balance of Nature

**Smooth Ordering Process**

Ordering the Fruits and Veggies supplements from Balance of Nature’s website was a seamless experience. With no issues during the process, I easily completed my purchase.

**Efficient Customer Service**

Although I faced a problem tracking my order with the provided tracking number, the customer service representative promptly assisted me through the live chat feature. We resolved the issue within thirty minutes, ensuring a smooth delivery process.

**Prompt Delivery**

To my surprise, my order arrived within five days, surpassing my expectations in terms of speed.

**Taste and Experience**

When it came to consuming the fruit and vegetable capsules, I opted to take them either in the morning or early afternoon, based on my daily schedule. The fruit capsules presented a pleasant sweet aftertaste that I enjoyed. However, I found the veggie capsules to have an earthy flavor, which did not appeal to my preferences. Despite this, both capsules were relatively easy to swallow when accompanied by water.

**Lack of Noticeable Effects**

Contrary to the claims made in a customer testimonial, I did not experience any discernible effects from taking these supplements. While I maintain a diet rich in whole fruits and vegetables, the capsules provided a convenient backup on days when I couldn’t devote enough time to cooking or eating adequate amounts of fruits and vegetables. Nevertheless, I wished for more information regarding the number of servings and the exact nutrient percentages contained in the capsules.

**Suitability for Restricted Diets or Time Constraints**

In my view, these supplements could prove beneficial for individuals who lack the time to cook or must adhere to restrictive diets, given their ability to provide additional nutrition.

**Personal Decision not to Repurchase**

However, personally, I do not plan on purchasing Balance of Nature’s supplements again. With a price of $89.95, I would prefer to invest in purchasing more fresh fruits and vegetables and incorporate them into my daily diet. Even with the discounted subscription option, I find the cost too high for merely filling in nutritional gaps, especially when considering the lack of detailed information regarding the product’s nutritional content.

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