🆓 Bonus Offering 🎶 Instrumental Perfect for FNF Mod Creation (KFund)

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**Video Description:**

Welcome to our channel! In this video, we bring you a completely free instrumental that you can use for your own Friday Night Funkin’ (FNF) MOD or practice your music skills.

**Song Information:**

– Tempo: 180 BPM
– Key: A Major
– File Format: OGG

Feel free to download the instrumental [here](

If you decide to use this instrumental, please credit our channel as it would greatly support us.

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**Video Transcript:**

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THIS INSTRUMENTAL IS COMPLETELY FREE TO USE!! You can use it on your own FNF MOD, or just Practice your music skills.

Just credit me somewhere if you end up using it. It would help me a lot.

Song Information:

180 BPM

Key: A Major

File format for Download: ogg

#fnf #fnfmod #fridaynightfunkin #funkyfriday #free #sampletypebeat #music #beats #flstudio #fnfandroidport #fnfandroidmods

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