Whiteboard Wednesday: The Ultimate Guide to Shaving for a Swim Meet

**Title:** How to Shave Correctly for a Swim Meet – Tips for Men

*Are you intimidated by the idea of shaving your whole body for a swim meet, especially if you’re a first-timer? Fret not! In this informative video, we guide you on the correct way to shave to enhance your performance in the pool.*

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In this Whiteboard Wednesday episode, we delve into the importance of shaving for competitive swimmers. Discover the physical and mental benefits of shaving, along with practical steps and tips for a successful shaving process. Whether you’re gearing up for a triathlon or swim meet, this guide has got you covered. Say goodbye to the intimidation of shaving and hello to enhanced performance in the pool!

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  1. A few additional tips: 1) Shave in a warm place to avoid goose bumps. Raise the temperature on the thermostat. 2) When clipping, use a hair trimmer. Level up using an Oster Classic 76 with a "000" blade. 3) Best shaving cream: Barbasol Original in the red can. 4) Best razors: Gillette Fusion.

  2. If you really want to wet shave your body hair, try using a safety razor. It's a lot faster than any system razor and way cheaper (~10c a blade). Personally, I use my razor blades that I have used before for shaving my face, because else they are to sharp (Feather blades). However, for body hair electric also works nicely, wet shaving sounds just too much work imho. Also I learned at a barber shop that if you have extremely sensitive skin, pre-shaving cream is the way to go. Look for Proraso's white line, also very good after shaves for sensitive skin.

  3. I “graduated “ from shaving (what a hassle) to full body waxing. First few times it hurt but after 3-4 times I got used to it. Lasts longer, feeels better, HATE stubble from shaving and it’s the opposite effect of shaving: the hairs get weaker and thinner (not stronger and thicker like with shaving)

    But you want to feel something absolutely amazing? Get waxed then go right to the pool for a workout. It was the most incredible, indescribable sensation when I dove in.

  4. I've just done a trim for a meet, so I'm left with little more than 1-2mm of hair on my chest. It's impossible to get to my middle/upper back, so I left that, but did everywhere else. Is this likely to be beneficial? I don't care too much about doing a full shave, but are there any "essential" places that need the razor?

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