What You Need to Know & Our Expert Insights So Far

**Top 10 Things About Threads “So Far”**

Threads, the newest app developed by Meta, has quickly gained popularity and is making waves in the social media world. Here are the top 10 things you need to know about Threads:

**1. Developed and Launched by Meta**
Threads was developed and launched by Meta, the company behind Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, and more. This connection to Meta brings a level of credibility and support to the app.

**2. A Friendlier Alternative to Twitter**
Threads aims to be a friendlier and easier alternative to Twitter. Initial reactions have been positive, with comparisons being made to the better vibe of Twitter. However, only time will tell if Threads will have long-term staying power.

**3. Fastest Growing Social Media App Ever**
Threads has quickly gained popularity, becoming the fastest growing social media app ever. Within just 24 hours, it reached 50 million users and currently boasts over 100 million active users as of 7/10.

**4. Inextricably Linked to Instagram**
Threads is closely linked to Instagram, as you cannot join Threads without an Instagram account, and deleting Threads also deletes your Instagram account. Additionally, your Instagram name and handle are automatically applied to Threads.

**5. No Ads or Hashtags Yet**
Threads currently does not have any ads or hashtags. It focuses on a mobile platform rather than desktop, offering a different experience from traditional social media platforms.

**6. Content Limitations**
Threads has a character limit of 500 and allows users to add photos or videos up to 5 minutes in length. It also provides options to like, repost, reply to, or quote a thread, and users can see the number of likes and replies a post has received.

**7. Controversy Surrounding Threads**
Threads has faced controversy, with Twitter issuing a “cease and desist” and Elon Musk calling it a copycat app. Musk has also accused Meta of poaching ex-Twitter employees and using classified information to build Threads.

**8. No API Integration Yet**
Threads does not currently have an API available for social post and monitoring integrations. Meta claims to be working towards making Threads compatible with other social networks in the future.

**9. Limited Filtering and Sorting Options**
Currently, Threads does not allow users to filter or sort to only see posts from people they follow. This has resulted in a mixed newsfeed experience with posts from both strangers and friends.

**10. Unavailability in the EU**
Threads is not yet available in the EU due to privacy concerns and GDPR violations. Its availability in other regions is currently uncertain.

**Opinions, Observations, and Predictions**

While it’s still early to become a Threads expert, experts at Convince & Convert offer their insights and predictions about the new platform:

**Fresh Choices for Brands**
Threads provides brands with an opportunity to start fresh and build from the ground up or bring their existing Instagram community along. Experimentation with different formats is encouraged, and avoiding overly produced or contrived content is recommended.

**A Fast-Moving and Evolving Platform**
Threads is a fast-moving and evolving platform, with new features expected to be rolled out frequently. Following influential figures like Adam Mosseri can provide up-to-date information and insights on feature roll-outs.

**Fresh and Funny Content**
Preliminary content on Threads has been fresh, funny, and off-the-cuff. Many users and brands are posting new and creative content that hasn’t been seen on other platforms. Brands have also been quick to promote product information while Threads is still highly discoverable.

**Immediate Recommendations and Must-Do’s for Threads**
Here are some recommendations and must-do’s for getting started on Threads:

1. Claim your account username promptly.
2. Take time to develop your Threads strategy.
3. Experiment with different formats and avoid duplicating content from other channels.
4. Consider the opportunity to promote product information while the platform is still new and highly discoverable.

In conclusion, Threads is a rapidly growing social media app with potential for brands and marketers. Its connection to Meta and Instagram, along with its unique features, make it an enticing platform to explore. However, it’s important to stay updated as the app continues to evolve and new features are introduced.

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