What Will Be the Key Consideration in Design Thinking for 2023?

**Title:** Design in 2023: The Most Important Factors to Consider for Sustainable and User-Centric Solutions


In this thought-provoking discussion at Bloomberg DesignMake with Autodesk, we brought together the world’s most creative minds to explore the crucial question: what is the most important factor to consider when thinking about design in 2023? Sustainability emerges as a key priority, aligning the interests of stakeholders, employees, customers, partners, and investors in our mission to make a positive impact on both our business and the planet[^1^].

Watch the full event conversions here: [Bloomberg DesignMake]( as industry experts shed light on the future of design, emphasizing how it affects us all. Keywords/tags associated with this video include **Bloomberg**, **Bloomberg live**, **design in 2023**, and **sustainability**[^1^].

As the world becomes increasingly uncertain, it’s encouraging to see that 90% of companies continue to invest in sustainability, according to the Design and Make report. For us at LendLies, understanding the purpose of our designs and their intended users is key. However, equally crucial is considering the impact on these users and the environment, particularly with a focus on reducing carbon emissions[^2^].

The legacy we leave behind is a paramount concern. Regardless of our role as designers, our primary objective should always be improving people’s lives. By harnessing technologies and incorporating thoughtful processes, we can create intuitive, user-centric solutions that enhance human experiences while maintaining our sense of humanity and belonging[^2^][^3^].

Looking ahead to 2023, the design landscape is poised for transformation. We are exploring lean construction methods that reduce material waste and environmental impact, while embracing flexibility and durability in building designs to adapt to evolving needs. This pivotal year sets the stage for the convergence of key design drivers — usability, accessibility, inclusivity, sustainability, brand, and technology — all vital for producing successful and holistic solutions[^4^].

One factor that will undoubtedly shape design in 2023 is the power of data. In the architectural, engineering, and construction industries, data plays a significant role throughout the project lifecycle, from conception to construction and even post-construction. Leveraging data allows for informed decisions, enabling solar shadow analysis and other generative design techniques, ensuring designs are both optimal and sustainable[^5^].

Join us in this forward-thinking conversation on design in 2023, where we delve into the pressing factors, innovative technologies, and sustainable approaches that drive our collective pursuit of a better future[^1^][^2^][^4^][^5^].

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At Bloomberg #DesignMake with @Autodesk, we brought together the world’s most creative minds and asked them what they thought is the most important factor when thinking about design in 2023.

Watch our full event conversions here:

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