Goldman Sachs COO Waldron Expresses Doubt Over US Recession Possibility

**Goldman Sachs COO: US May Avoid Predicted Recession – Bloomberg Invest New York 2023**

In this video, Chief Operating Officer of Goldman Sachs Group Inc., John Waldron, discusses the possibility of the US avoiding a recession that many economists have predicted. Waldron highlights the presence of cross-currents in the economy, with both negative and positive impulses at play. He emphasizes that the current situation resembles a “predicted recession that hasn’t happened yet and may not happen.” These cross-currents are leading to caution among clients, impacting activity levels and positioning in the market.

Waldron also acknowledges the tougher capital markets environment and the uncertainty surrounding the potential for a recession, higher interest rates, and persistent inflation. With the recent resolution of the debt ceiling debate, he expresses optimism for the second half of the year but notes that the primary focus remains on the level of inflation and the actions the Federal Reserve or the ECB may take to reach their respective targets.

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– [Bloomberg Invest New York 2023](

Goldman Sachs Group Inc. Chief Operating Officer John Waldron says the US may avoid a recession that many economists have predicted. “This is the best predicted recession that hasn’t happened yet and may not happen,” he says at Bloomberg Invest New York 2023.

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