Wells Fargo Appoints Dawson Her Many Horses as Managing Director

**Wells Fargo Appoints Dawson Her Many Horses as Managing Director**

**Introduction to Dawson Her Many Horses**

Dawson Her Many Horses, the head of Native American banking at Wells Fargo & Co., has been named a managing director at the company. As a member of the Rosebud Sioux Tribe of South Dakota, Her Many Horses is one of the first enrolled tribal members to hold such a position at a major US bank. He plays a crucial role in the Commercial Banking Diverse Segments team and co-chairs the Wells Fargo National Unbanked Advisory Task Force.

**Leading Wells Fargo’s Native American Banking Efforts**

In an interview, Her Many Horses expressed his pride in the work they do with tribal clients, aiming to provide meaningful and helpful support. Wells Fargo is recognized as the leading capital and financial-services provider for Native American and Alaska Native markets. In fact, the company holds banking relationships with one-third of federally recognized tribes in the US.

With credit commitments of around $3.4 billion and total deposits amounting to $4.1 billion, Wells Fargo demonstrates its commitment to the Native American community. Her Many Horses joined the bank in 2018 as a senior vice president in middle-market banking, where he played an instrumental role in rebuilding the firm’s Native American banking effort. In 2021, he was promoted to head of Native American banking in the commercial-banking unit.

**Her Many Horses’ Contributions and Accolades**

In addition to his role at Wells Fargo, Her Many Horses is actively involved in various Native American organizations. He serves on the board of the Smithsonian Institution’s National Museum of American History and is a leadership-council member for the Center for Indian Country Development at the Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis. Furthermore, he holds the position of chair of the Native American Visiting Committee at Dartmouth College.

According to Ruth Jacks, head of diverse segments for Wells Fargo’s commercial-banking unit, Her Many Horses has proven his dedication and expertise throughout his career. From initially serving the financial needs of tribal governments and tribally owned enterprises, he has become a national leader in increasing the flow of capital to tribal communities.


As Wells Fargo continues to prioritize its Native American banking efforts, the appointment of Dawson Her Many Horses as managing director highlights the company’s commitment to and support for the Native American community. Her Many Horses’ contributions and achievements demonstrate his valuable expertise in this field. With his continued efforts, Wells Fargo aims to further enhance its relationship with tribal clients and make a meaningful impact on the Native American and Alaska Native markets.

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