Overview of Immersive Storytelling Principles: Immersive Media 10-12/11 2021

**Title: An Overview of Immersive Storytelling Principles | Tim Powell | Riksantikvarieämbetet**


Join Tim Powell from the UK in this informative video as he provides an overview of immersive storytelling principles. Tim, an expert in creating award-winning experiences using immersive XR technology, live performances, and physical installations, will also share case studies from his work. Discover what immersive storytelling truly means, how technology can be used to create immersive experiences, and the key aspects that make immersive storytelling different. Dive into the concept of audience agency and its impact on storytelling, and explore how immersive storytelling focuses on creating memories rather than following a narrative. Tim will also touch upon the implications of immersive storytelling for organizations. Don’t miss out on this engaging discussion on immersive storytelling and its role in shaping new experiences.


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Tim Powell, UK

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