Anna, John Mulaney’s Ex-Wife, Opens Up About Her Struggles with ‘Severe Suicidal Ideation’ Prior to their Separation

**NEWS: John Mulaney’s Ex-Wife Anna Reveals Battle with Severe Suicidal Ideation**

In a heartfelt essay penned for L Magazine, Anna Marie Tendler, the former wife of comedian John Mulaney, opened up about her mental health breakdown and suicidal thoughts prior to their divorce. Tendler, an artist herself, reflects on the deep bond she shared with her beloved dog, Petunia, who provided comfort and support during her darkest moments.

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0:00 – Introduction

0:45 – Anna Marie Tendler’s mental health struggles

2:15 – The significance of Petunia in Tendler’s life

3:30 – The loss of Petunia and its impact on Tendler and Mulaney

4:45 – Remembering Petunia in heartfelt tributes

6:00 – Conclusion and subscription reminder

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*Source: [L Magazine](*

John Mulaney’s Ex-Wife Anna: I Had ‘Severe Suicidal Ideation’ Before Split

Anna Marie Tendler Was Hospitalized for ‘Severe Suicidal Ideation’ in Early 2021 Before John Mulaney Divorce

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