Viljoen Criticizes Naspers Management for Exploiting Shareholders’ Funds

## Title: The Truth About Naspers Management – An Investor’s Perspective

## Description:
In this video, veteran money manager Piet Viljoen shares his scathing criticism of Naspers management and their impact on shareholder value. With the release of the group’s financial results approaching, Viljoen’s outspoken views have sparked a conversation within the investment community. He joins Alec Hogg to delve deeper into his concerns about Naspers’ approach and potential impairments. Asime Nyide, an experienced video producer, has captured this insightful interview for you.

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– 00:55 – Piet Viljoen on the millionaire Magnus vs Piet challenge
– 04:09 – Discussing his controversial comments on Twitter regarding Naspers
– 07:21 – Exposing Naspers’ false trade statement
– 11:40 – Unveiling the destruction of shareholder value
– 13:45 – Addressing the need for value distribution to shareholders
– 16:00 – Expectations for the upcoming financial results
– 16:57 – Likelihood of food delivery and classified advertising being removed from the portfolio
– 18:06 – Acknowledging the possibility of being proven wrong in the long term
– 20:45 – Conclusion

Rational Perspective, Business, Money

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Veteran money manager Piet Viljoen has been on the warpath against Naspers management in the run-up to Tuesday’s release of the group’s financial results. He ripped into them in a social media post, which sparked an interview with Alec Hogg where the manager of the Merchant West Value Fund elaborated on his views. Viljoen is not alone. A couple years back, a group of South African money managers issued an unprecedented public statement attacking management’s approach. Given the impairments that will be disclosed with the results on Tuesday, those critical voices are likely to be heard again in the week ahead.

Video production by Asime Nyide

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00:55 – Piet Viljoen on the millionaire Magnus vs Piet challenge
04:09 – On his comments on twitter regarding Naspers
07:21 – Naspers false trade statement
11:40 – Destroying shareholder value
13:45 – Lightning doesn’t strike twice rather distribute to shareholders
16:00 – On what’s likely to come through next Tuesday
16:57 – On food delivery and classified advertising likely being taken out of the portfolio
18:06 – On being proven wrong in the long term
20:45 – End

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