Venture Capital & Private Equity Offer Their Opinion on the Differences between Private Markets and Public Markets.

**Title: The Surge in Private Markets and Its Causes: Insights from Industry Experts**

Are you curious about the rise of private markets and why more investors are flocking to them? Join Michael Safdie, Associate at Sweetwood Ventures, and Chrysis Hilides, Associate Director at Bridgefort Maritime, as they delve into the reasons behind this trend in their insightful discussion.

**Michael’s background** in Venture Capital in Israel, Edmond de Rothschild P/E analysis, and private banking experience give him a unique perspective on the changing investment landscape. Chrysis, on the other hand, brings her expertise as an A-Dir at Investment Management, an Analyst at Family Office (Fund of Funds), and a Case Manager at Gibson Hewitt to the table.

In this video, they explore the primary causes of the shift towards private markets, including **performance** and **interest rates** in a low-interest environment. As Michael notes, “public markets cannot deliver the returns as private markets are delivering.” The median return of venture capital in Israel is at a significant 13% IRR.

Additionally, they discuss the impact of geopolitical changes, climate change, and shifting technologies that may affect future investment trends. As Michael notes, “in the future, we might see again a shift either more to private markets or more to public markets based on what’s happening now.”

However, private markets differ significantly from public markets as they tend to be primarily **illiquid assets**. This difference requires education for wealth managers to shift from public to private markets, as investors may have capital blocked for 3-10+ years.

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– Michael Safdie, Associate at [Sweetwood Ventures](
– Chrysis Hilides, Associate Director at [Bridgefort Maritime](

Speaking is Michael Safdie, Associate a Sweetwood Ventures
…and Chrysis Hilides, Associate Director at Bridgefort Maritime

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Michael’s Background-
– Venture Capital Israel
– Edmond de Rothschild P/E analyst
– Private Banking experience

Chrysis Background-
– A-Dir. at Investment Management
– Analyst at Family Office (Fund of Funds)
– Case Manager at Gibson Hewitt

#venturecapital #banking #finance

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