“Education and Innovation in the Age of Chaos and Disruption: A Summit Hosted by Steve Blank for Lean Innovation Educators”

Join the 6th Lean Innovation Educators Summit on Education and Innovation in the Age of Chaos and Disruption

Entrepreneurship educators from around the world are perfecting their teaching by utilizing Lean Innovation in their classrooms, accelerators, venture studios, and student-driven ventures. The sixth edition of the Lean Innovation Educators Summit will bring them together on December 14, from 1-4 pm Eastern Time and 10 am-1 pm Pacific Time, to discuss the techniques and challenges these educators face. Get registered here.

Preparing the Next Generation of Innovators

The world today is going through fast changes, chaos, and uncertainty. Climate change, supply chain disruptions, political instability, and continual technology innovation and disruption are amongst many challenges that are facing the world. Therefore, as educators, we need to prepare the next generation of innovators with the right tools and mindset to tackle these challenges and make a difference. The summit topic is “Education and Innovation in the Age of Chaos and Disruption.

Crucial Questions

The summit addresses important questions that support preparing the next generation of innovators. Among those questions are:

– How can entrepreneurship and innovation educators prepare the next generation properly?
– What roles should institutions play to assist entrepreneurship and innovation educators?
– What are the systems and partnerships that the entrepreneurs’ ecosystem should take advantage of?

Additionally, the summit will have concurrent breakout sessions, and participants will have the flexibility to choose the path they want to explore. Then, will move toward discussing different topics, which are:


Curriculum is a crucial part of preparing the next generation of innovators. Therefore, the summit will discuss how to equip educators with the tools they need to support student teams in solving mission-driven problems.


Here, the summit will focus on partnerships that aid, inform, and engage the student in positive engagement and outcomes. Additionally, it will focus on how to support diversity of thought, ideas, and background.


The rate of technological disruption is increasing, and innovation never seems to slow down. Climate change, political instability, and other changes will shape future curriculums. Therefore, the summit will discuss aligning educational institutions’ curriculums with market trends.

Special Speaker

Alexander Osterwalder, the creator of the business model canvas and Strategyzer co-founder, will participate in this summit. Additionally, he will have a significant discussion about the intersection of education, innovation, and entrepreneurship.

Opportunity to Contribute

During the breakout sessions and discussions, participants will also have the chance to contribute to the conversation. They can do so by utilizing the Chat, Q&A, and an online community bulletin board.

How to Register

Register here to participate in the Lean Innovation Educators Summit. When registering, you will receive a link to an online collaboration space allowing you to submit questions, provide feedback, and express any challenges you face. This feedback will inform the content of different presentations, post-event white papers, and the curriculum delivered to the educator community.


Investing in entrepreneurship and innovation education is the right way to create a better world. Therefore, this summit plays a crucial role in preparing the educators with the proper tools and mindset to teach the next generation of innovators. Get registered today and explore how you can use Lean Innovation to better educate the next generation.

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