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**Title: The Art and Science of Startup Valuation | Volta Ventures**


Are you looking to understand the ins and outs of startup valuation? In this Volta Ventures series, our two Managing Partners and founders of portfolio companies delve into the critical areas of interest that should be considered before starting the fundraising process. From understanding valuation methodologies to analyzing market multiples and deal sizes, this video provides valuable insights for both investors and startup founders.


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*Valuation is more of an art than a science, especially in the early stages of a startup where there may be limited revenue or financial data to rely on. At Volta Ventures, we tackle this challenge by combining market insights with our experience to determine a valid multiple for each business.*

*To assess the valuation, we consider multiples being paid for other businesses in the same vertical. We also analyze market multiples for exits in that space, as well as comparable deal sizes and teams. Our team constantly evaluates and discusses these factors until we reach a well-informed valuation.*

*In addition to these methods, we employ a unique approach called reverse engineering. If you are looking to raise, let’s say, a million and you know we’d like to secure a 10% or 20% stake, we can calculate the valuation backwards. This often leads us to a more accurate estimation.*

*Whether you are an investor seeking to understand valuation techniques or a startup founder aiming to secure funding, this video provides valuable insights into the art and science behind startup valuation.*

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A lot of startup valuation relies on guesswork and estimation, meaning that there is no single, universally accepted analytical methodology for investors. The use of such valuation methods is dependent upon the stage of a business (e.g. phase/earnings/revenue), and the corresponding data points available in the market and/or industry the startup operates in (acquisition multiples etc.).

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In this Volta Ventures series, the two Managing Partners and the founders of portfolio companies discuss some critical areas of interest that need to be thought of before the fundraising process is started.

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