New Street Style Photos Show Blake Lively Embracing Her Hipster Side

**Blake Lively Has Never Looked More Hipster in New Street Style Photos**

Looking for some style inspiration? Look no further than Blake Lively’s latest street style photos. The actress was spotted on May 17th, rocking some seriously hipster vibes while filming “It Ends with Us,” the movie adaptation of Colleen Hoover’s best-selling novel.

In the photos, Blake can be seen sporting loose red pants, a green crop top, and a quilt pattern jacket. To complete her grungy look, she paired it with black heeled boots, a boxy purse, and a brown beanie. These pictures were taken on a filming location in New Jersey and also captured Blake talking on the phone as she strolled through a residential neighborhood.

This is just a sneak peek into the movie, as two days earlier, we got a glimpse of Blake as her character Lily, a florist. In those shots, she was seen wearing a bright pink jacket layered over a t-shirt and brown dress. It’s unclear if Blake’s half-sister Robin Lively, who was also spotted on set, is involved in the movie or just there to support Blake.

Other cast members of “It Ends with Us” include Justin Baldoni, who will play Lily’s love interest Ryle Kincaid and will also double as the movie’s director. Brandon Sklener will star as Atlas Corrigan, Lily’s old flame, adding a complicated dynamic to the story. The film follows Lily’s journey as she meets Ryle and believes she’s found her soul mate, only for her past with Atlas to resurface and put her relationship with Ryle at risk.

While a release date has yet to be announced, fans are eagerly awaiting Blake’s big screen return. Stay tuned for more updates on this exciting project!

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Blake Lively Has Never Looked More Hipster in New Street Style Photos
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