UPE 13: Jean-Michel Sibué, Associate Director at A Plus Finance

**[Title]** Jean-Michel Sibué: The Future of Entrepreneurs in the Orange Vélodrome


In this interview, Jean-Michel Sibué discusses the challenges faced by entrepreneurs during the recent crisis and how they can bounce back with the right support. From available funds to participatory loans and relaunching obligations, he emphasizes that money is not the issue. Entrepreneurs need guidance, adaptability, and resilience to navigate the unpredictable business landscape.

Sibué shares his personal experience of external growth during the crisis, allowing their participation to double in size. They conducted the operation’s closing in July 2020, after observing the strength and stability of the two companies involved. He also highlights the strategic acquisitions within his portfolio and the upcoming operations, supported by investment funds.

While there are notable industry consolidations, Sibué focuses on the social and solidarity economy, aiming to support enterprises that offer comparable quality products and services while ensuring profitability. By accompanying these developing businesses, they seek to demonstrate positive returns in their fund. Though the profitability may not be as high as in traditional funds, the aim is to achieve a sustainable and profitable fund.

Currently worth around ten million euros, the fund aspires to support around twenty enterprises in the social and solidarity economy. The main criterion for selecting these businesses is a minimum of ten employees, regardless of their age or revenue history. This approach allows them to consider both well-established enterprises with a track record of success and smaller-scale startups.

Watch the full interview to gain insights into the future of entrepreneurs in the Orange Vélodrome and discover how the economy of solidarity and social responsibility can thrive.

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Jean-Michel Sibué répond aux questions de la rédaction à l’occasion du salon organisé vendredi 3 septembre dernier par l’UPE 13.

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