Disney Embraces a New Era: Breaking away from the Traditional TV Model

**Bob Iger Considers Selling Disney’s TV Assets**

In a recent interview with CNBC, Bob Iger, CEO of Disney, expressed openness to the idea of selling the company’s TV assets. This move is part of Disney’s plan to be more progressive in its approach to the traditional TV business, with the aim of focusing on its core operations.

**Iger’s Doubts About the TV Industry**

Iger has been skeptical about the TV industry for several years, and his concerns were further reinforced when he rejoined Disney in 2021. He described feeling “very pessimistic” about the traditional TV model and admitted that it was worse than his initial expectations.

**The Impact of Labor Strikes**

The ongoing writers guild strike and the impending Hollywood actors’ strike are expected to worsen the challenges faced by the TV industry. Iger highlighted that the disruption happening in the traditional TV business has exceeded his own predictions.

**Potential Changes in Disney’s Cable Holdings**

While Iger appears to be less pessimistic about the cable market, he hinted at potential changes in Disney’s cable holdings as well. The company may consider selling an equity stake in ESPN and is actively seeking a strategic partner for the business. This move aligns with Disney’s efforts to adapt to the changing dynamics of the cable industry.

**Exploring Streaming Opportunities**

In contrast to his doubts about traditional TV, Iger expressed optimism about the streaming industry. Disney is considering acquiring Comcast’s minority stake in Hulu, signaling the company’s increasing confidence in the streaming market. This move may further strengthen Disney’s position as a major player in the streaming industry.

**The Appointment and Extension of Bob Iger’s Tenure**

Initially, Bob Iger was brought back to Disney for a two-year period following the departure of former CEO Bob Chapek. However, the company recently announced a two-year extension to Iger’s contract, which will now last until 2026. This decision reflects the board’s confidence in Iger’s leadership and vision for the future of Disney.

Overall, Disney’s potential sale of TV assets and its strategic focus on streaming demonstrate the company’s willingness to adapt to the evolving media landscape. These moves could position Disney for continued success in an increasingly digital age.

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