Unveiling the Keynote: Patrick Sheenan, Managing Partner and Founder of ETF Partners

### **Sustainability Through Innovation: A Discussion with Patrick Sheehan | ETF Partners**

*Keynote by Patrick Sheehan, Managing Partner and Founder, ETF Partners*

Welcome to our fireside chat with Patrick Sheehan, a visionary in sustainability and the founder of ETF Partners. In this video, we dive deep into the intersection of innovation and sustainability, exploring how venture capital can play a vital role in driving positive change.

Patrick Sheehan, with his extensive experience in venture capital, recognized the need for a different approach to investing. In 2006, he founded ETF Partners, a fund that focuses on environmental technologies and sustainable ventures. In our conversation, he shares the story behind the creation of the fund and its mission to make a lasting impact.

Climate change poses significant challenges, but venture capital can be a catalyst for rapid and meaningful change. Patrick explains how empowering entrepreneurs and providing them with the necessary resources can drive innovation and push boundaries. While venture capital alone isn’t the sole solution, it can certainly fuel the momentum needed to create a sustainable future.

We also explore the role of technology in both contributing to and tackling environmental issues. Patrick emphasizes the need for tech companies to understand the environmental implications of their products and services, while also leveraging technology to drive positive change. Tech can be a double-edged sword, but with the right focus, it can play a crucial role in shaping a sustainable future.

The conversation moves on to discuss Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) standards, which have gained traction in the investment world. While ESG is a step in the right direction, Patrick highlights the need to go beyond compliance and strive for positive impact. We delve into the need for measuring impact and how ETF Partners has developed a unique methodology to evaluate their investments.

One common concern is whether focusing on sustainability compromises venture capital returns. Patrick debunks this notion by showcasing the enormous potential and opportunities that lie in solving global problems. Investors in ETF Partners are driven by profit, but also a strong belief in the power of addressing real needs and making a difference. The changing landscape of industries, driven by environmental pressures and legislation, presents immense opportunities for growth and impact.

Sustainability is no longer just a buzzword in the investment world. Investors are increasingly serious about supporting sustainable ventures, and Patrick shares his insights on this shifting mindset. What was once considered mission-driven is now becoming a mainstream approach, reflecting the pressing need for sustainable solutions.

Watch this enlightening fireside chat to gain valuable insights from a true pioneer in sustainability and venture capital. Discover how innovation can drive sustainability and be part of the solution to the challenges we face today.


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Keynote by Patrick Sheenan, Managing Partner and Founder, ETF Partners

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