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Here is a transcript of the video:

Oh dude we are flying oh my god okay we are flying right over this ladies and gentlemen hello my name is parker hope everyone is doing well here today we have like a couple teams i can barely even go and see how many people are dropping okay uh Let’s go in good luck have fun i’m gonna be dropping in a spot that has recently been providing me a decent loot oh dude i swear like every single time you go and drop on up here it’s usually like a really solid smg or not smg lmg that you go and get It’s either like rpd or pkm oh this is uh oh that dude up top okay that is a legitimate man up over here no pinky went down pinky yo what up yes all right lad let’s go uh i kind of want to go more up here if i Can dude one annoying thing here about like this line in specific i guess well for all zip lines here you can’t shoot people as they’re as they’re going up this thing yo oh you’re very weak yo please die thank you all right then bro i need oh my god i need ammo Please ammo me please ammo no no oh bro b-y no oh this is so scuffed all i needed was just something that can go and spew out some shots guys i might be oh oh this is still disgust go okay bro i got the by out i don’t know how Confident i am here goodbye dude really zoned all the way up over here like this is the worst possible zone okay uh there’d still be like one more guy here what i would like to go and do for this little game here is to Go and show you guys like a lot of the uh secret locations really if you want to go and call it that like locations that i feel like could be really advantageous for players whether or not you’re kind of new to this whole update here and hopefully i can go and catch Everyone up to speed because being able to go and know these spots here has not only helped me out but i’ve also went and told that to a couple friends here so far and they’ve said that they have also won and benefited from a lot of this knowledge oh You’re just popping a full out oh no he’s up this dude’s gonna be right up here okay we’re going in for uh for yolo up oh i see you right like this is where i originally want to drop down into oh my god my sound Oh my god y’all just didn’t go and see that hold up okay like guys i just got done massacring a man right here okay so first off in terms of bole understanding vision city uh you have to know that yes there are a lot of buildings here but There are only two buildings out of all these buildings that have zip lines for you to go and uh go up on um this one is the highest one so it’s kind of right here for just kind of like a uh a point of reference you go all the way Up this is good adjust if you want to go and determine where enemies are throughout the whole entire map here like i wouldn’t use this for one of my games just like kind of going into scoping out where enemies were around oh teammates uh i this guy is a complete Rando by the way but you can go and see where certain enemies are going to go and be located if you want to be that guy and go and snipe up here you can go and do that even though it is a little bit toxic and then you could go down here Right here is going to be the second zipline location is there another i don’t know if there’s another dude and then this is gonna be the final zipline spot is right here and the cool one about this one is that this one actually brings you up to one of the two helicopters spawn Locations you can go and spawn a heli here this is one of the more secret locations for the helicopter because if you have dropped here you probably already know about this one that’s right up over here for you to go and spawn a helicopter these are the Only two locations that can go and do a helicopter spawn so if you do have to go and get out of here which is something eventually i will have to go and do that is one way to go and get out and then for one other thing that i feel Like is really important is a lot of the other vending machines that go and provide players the opportunity to go and spawn in a vehicle so for example i’ll go and go off where’s like a good location here for this like all these ones i want to Say that there’s like seven plus of these outer limit uh platforms if you even want to go and call it that for you to go and walk up to and then you can go and spawn in any type of vehicle that you want here so You can spawn in a motorcycle and like i said these do a complete loop around so if there’s ever a situation in which you’re like oh no zone is hurting me i need to go and get out of here all you have to go and do is just go to any of These outskirt locations and then just spawn yourself a vehicle and it’s not even on like the outskirts here there’s also other oh man i’m trying to go and hit zip line there’s also like another location right up over here that’s kind of convenient because all you have to go and do is Just uh i think for this side there’s like a little runway for you to go and take off on and oh bro there was an enemy oh hello bro there is still actual dudes here which is insane oh my god i think this guy’s planning on going and getting away no All right thank you there sir well guys i am such a long ways to go here like for me personally those are all the locations that i find to be something super helpful if you guys found any use from that be sure to go and let me know in the comment Section down below but i think i have to go and mention this too like you can go on top of these other buildings like you can go all the way up top here in snipe if you want to go and do that i’m just hoping that that does not explode please Do not blow up yeah if you want to go and snipe you can go and do that do any type of fancy stuff going on also a lot of that underground blue area is also good if you’re ever in any type of dude why did i have a feeling this would Actually happen okay good if there is any type of a situation in which you’re feeling like you’re being overwhelmed going in the uh wing suiting down to that bottom level is always a great strategy.

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  1. Yo when i initiated a br match, am already on the plane and on the lookout for good locations. Then a spotted a dome barrier, i murmured to myself "Yo whats this?" i jumped and entered the shielded dome. Wow, im beyond impressed by the design..yes you may call me an idiot for not knowing it sooner. Thing is, i didnt get to play the New Vision season. Thus didnt get to know such location will exist in isolated. Its also really big which i am confused where to go and easy to get lost. The buildings seems so large too, pretty new to me because most buildings in codm is small, medium and big but not large and gigantic as these. I say this will attract more players to play br, and a new drop zone for players, rip jet zone, rip aerial platform, rip high loot zones lol. But many players will still drop on these said zones, by using their brain and thinking many players which is definitely mostly pros and tryhards will land there, they revert to less attracted or dropped on locations.

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