TaiwanPlus News: Unveiling the Debut of an Authentic Taiwan-Made Chatbot

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The National Science and Technology Council has just unveiled the “Trustworthy AI Dialogue Engine,” a remarkable chatbot developed in Taiwan. Join reporters John Su and Joyce Tseng as they provide an exclusive first look at this cutting-edge creation.

In an effort to solidify Taiwan’s position as a global tech leader, this collaborative project brings together government officials, industry experts, and academics. Discover how this intelligent chatbot is poised to revolutionize various sectors through its ability to answer frequently asked questions and provide seamless translation services, ultimately expediting processes.

Beyond its practicality, this chatbot embodies the principles of trustworthiness and transparency. As Taiwan strives to thrive in the digital era, this AI technology serves as a powerful tool to showcase the nation’s reliability and credibility on the global stage. Not only will it assist users in gaining general knowledge, but it will also provide timely and dependable information to support Taiwanese industries.

What sets this chatbot apart? According to academic experts, one crucial aspect is explainability. Users should have a clear understanding of how the chatbot arrives at its answers. While the project is still in the developmental stages, expect updates and enhancements that will elevate the functionality and effectiveness of this transformative AI creation.

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Don’t miss out on this groundbreaking innovation, and join John Su in Taipei as he delves into the exciting world of the “Trustworthy AI Dialogue Engine” on Taiwan Plus News.

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The National Science and Technology Council has given the public a first look at the “Trustworthy AI Dialogue Engine,” a Taiwan-made chatbot that they’re hoping will keep the country on the map as a global tech leader.

📹 Reporter(s): John Su/Joyce Tseng

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