Understanding Fuzzy Logic

# Artificial Intelligence in Computer Systems – A Presentation by Vicky Januar Putra Pratama

Welcome to my channel! In this video, I will be presenting on the topic of Fuzzy Logic and its significance in the field of Artificial Intelligence. My name is Vicky Januar Putra Pratama, a student from the Computer Systems program at Universitas Narotama.

## About the Presentation
Fuzzy Logic is a development in the field of logic that considers the partial truth of ideas, unlike classical logic that only considers true or false. It introduces the concept of membership degree, which allows variables to be expressed linguistically, such as high, medium, or low. By using membership functions, we can accurately represent the complexity of real-world systems. This presentation explores the basics of Fuzzy Logic and its applications in various fields.

## Key Points:
– Introduction to Fuzzy Logic and its relationship with traditional logic
– Evolution of Fuzzy Logic and its applications in machine control, decision-making, and more
– The five components of Fuzzy Logic: fuzzification, rule evaluation, aggregation, defuzzification, and feedback
– Fundamental concepts of Fuzzy Logic, including membership functions, set theory, and logic operators
– Utilization of Fuzzy Logic in Artificial Neural Networks for data processing and pattern recognition
– Introduction to Fuzzy Inference Systems and their role in solving complex and ambiguous problems

## Resources:
– Presentation Slides: [Link to Google Slides](
– University Website: [Sistem Komputer – Universitas Narotama](

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Source: [Video Transcript](source_link)

Nama: Vicky Januar Putra Pratama
Prodi: Sistem Komputer



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