E116: Featuring Henrik Wetter Sanchez from Playfair Capital and Sinead Doherty from Fenero on That Great Business Show

**Title:** Investment Opportunities in Irish Companies | Playfair Capital VC


Join Henrik Wetter Sanchez, Principal at Playfair Capital VC, as he talks about the Irish companies they have invested in and the types and sizes of companies they are interested in. From startups to established businesses, Playfair Capital VC provides funding opportunities with cheque sizes ranging from €100,000 to millions.

With over 2,000 website applications received each year, Playfair Capital VC prides themselves on reading absolutely every application. They emphasize the importance of keeping the application concise and limited to ten slides for better chances of consideration. However, only six companies are selected annually to receive investments.

While Playfair Capital VC is open to various sectors, they do not invest in gambling-related businesses due to ethical considerations. Henrik highlights one of his favorite investments, RecycleEye, and expresses interest in having them featured on their podcast.

Learn from Sinead Doherty, founder of Fenero software, about the benefits of participating in accelerator programs for self-employed solopreneurs. Discover why she believes these programs provide invaluable support and networking opportunities, adding tremendous value to her own business. Sinead also hints at considering a funding round to expand her business globally.

Ross Byrne and Michael Rogers, co-founders of, discuss the lucrative $16 billion market opportunity in talent matching for businesses seeking that “star quality.” Gain insights into Ross’s mindset when taking pressure penalty kicks and their plans for growth in the UK, with the US next on their agenda.

Don’t miss out on hearing from Pat Byrne, CityJet founder, and his father, David Kelleher, founder of Outmin, as they share their “hire in a heartbeat” choices.

Lastly, celebrate the success of the founders of Bainisteoir Board Game, which has experienced exceptional sales in just four weeks. Grab your copy before stocks run out!

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3.00″ Henrik Wetter Sanchez, Principal at UK based Playfair Capital VC tells us about the Irish companies they have invested in, the types and sizes of the companies they will invest in, and those that they definitely will not. Cheque sizes start at €100,000 but can run to millions, they receive 2,000 website applications a year. He says that they read absolutely every one of them. The key is to keep it short, short and short (no more than TEN SLIDES as more will not be read). The tough news though is that only six companies a year make the final cut. But like TeamGBS alums ProtexAI, your company could be one of them. So long as your business is not into gambling (one of a shortlist of sectors they don’t touch on ethical rounds). One of his favourite investments is RecycleEye (and we’d love to have them on the podcast).Henrik’s ‘Hire in a Heartbeat’ is Jurgen Klopp

22.00″ Fenero software (they help self-employed solopreneurs with their tax and accounting) founder Sinead Doherty talks about why accelerator type programmes have been so good for her and her business. She encourages anyone to participate and join possibly the best team of supporters possible. She explains why she does the courses and how she, employer of 80 plus and hiring, can find the time to do these programmes. The programmes, the mentors and the friends she has met on these courses have added at least 1000% to her business. Interestingly, she says the company has reached an interesting growth crossroads, and she hints she may consider a funding round to go global.Her ‘hire in a heartbeat’, executive coach Annette Burns Young

40.00″ Ross Byrne and Michael Rogers, two of three co-founders of discuss the $16bn market opportunity in matching talent (sports stars etc) with businesses who want that ‘star quality’ to shine on their goods and services. However, before we got down to business, we had to ask Ireland rugby star Ross, what he thinks about when he’s about to take a hugely pressurised penalty kick. Fascinatingly, if you’re a spectator in the stand, he may be thinking about you! They are funding to grow, grow, grow in the UK – and then US is on their immediate ‘to do’ list after that. We find out if is Ross’s pension plan?Ross’s ‘hire in a heartbeat’, Pat Byrne, CityJet founder and his dad.Michael’s ‘hire in a heartbeat’ is David Kelleher, founder of Outmin

We also give a shoutout for the founders of Bainisteoir Board Game, that has already outsold all of last year, just in the last four weeks. Buy not while stocks last, as they say.

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