Two self-driving cars experience delays due to street closures at San Francisco Pride Parade

**Title: Self-Driving Waymo Cars Stall Amidst Street Closures in Downtown SF | ABC7 News**


Two self-driving Waymo cars experienced unexpected stalls in separate intersections in downtown San Francisco after the Pride parade, causing traffic disruptions. Learn more about these incidents and the challenges faced by autonomous vehicles in navigating around blocked streets in this compelling video coverage by ABC7 News[^1^].

These incidents took place amidst heavy traffic following the Pride parade and the Giants game, exacerbating an already congested area. The first car was spotted at the intersection of Third and Howard, with traffic enforcement officers attempting to communicate with the seemingly driverless vehicle. Similarly, another Waymo autonomous vehicle stalled at a different intersection, attempting to navigate towards Market Street[^2^].

The San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency (SFMTA) reports a notable increase in such incidents, prompting them to request the California Public Utilities Commission for an incremental expansion of self-driving services, while limiting 24-hour service expansion across the city[^3^]. The matter is scheduled for a vote on Thursday.

The self-driving cars’ behavior has raised concerns among public safety officials. San Francisco’s Fire Chief, Jenny Nicholson, expressed worries about the vehicles driving into hazardous scenes and causing disruptions. A $138 ticket was issued to one of the vehicles stalled at Third and Howard, which eventually resumed its journey after approximately 15 to 20 minutes[^4^].

While Waymo emphasized the importance of safety as their top priority, discussions and measures to address these challenges continue. Stay informed with ABC7 News and discover the latest updates on autonomous vehicle technology and its impact on urban transportation.

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Two self-driving Waymo cars stalled out in the middle of two separate intersections just blocks away from each other in downtown SF following the Pride parade. STORY:

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  1. I personally saw two additional stalled Cruise cars on Pride Parade day in SF. One was on an extremely congested 2 lane street (1 lane each direction). It was stalled and blocked a long line of cars, starting with one of those two-sectioned buses which struggled to get around it. Another Cruise car was stalled in the middle of an accident. Not sure if it caused the accident or if it sustained any damage.

  2. These things can't figure out how to reroute, yet the city already gave them permission to drive around without a human operator, you have to wonder who in the govt approved these and their connections to the industry.

  3. Why not TEST unmanned vehicle on a course that presents all of the same worst case scenarios they’ll face on the streets? Steep hills, slippery conditions, misbehaving traffic and fake children running into the street, wheels falling off cars on the highway.

    And, the worst situation of all, the closed street.

  4. ABC 7 fake news – this is a FAKE NEWS story.
    Electric cars (BEV) do not stall , they are MORE reliable than GAS .
    BEV rarely ever break down.
    simply put , the Automated BEV was stopped in traffic , still had POWER and FULL charge.
    it Stopped because the AI could not handle the DETOUR and the restricted access.
    Cruise & Waymo are monitored by Humans still and it was HUMANS that overridden the vehicle , and Human driver (remotely ) controlled the vehicle to clear the intersection.
    once out of the intersection , the Vehicle AI took over .

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