Turning Gambling into a Game: Exploring the Gamification Trend in the Morning

**Title: NHL Playoffs and Sports Betting in Canada: Are We Moving Too Fast?**


Join us on Your Morning as we delve into the world of sports betting during the NHL playoffs. As Canadians embrace this newly legalized industry, we explore whether we are moving too quickly.

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Hosted by Anne-Marie Mediwake, Lindsey Deluce, and Kelsey McEwen, Your Morning brings you fresh perspectives on today’s headlines, engaging conversations with trending celebrities and news makers, and valuable advice to ensure you start your day prepared.

In this video, we discuss the rapid growth of the sports betting industry in Canada since its legalization in 2021. Ontario alone has witnessed over 35 billion dollars in total wagers, generating 1.4 billion dollars in revenue in just one year. However, there are concerns that we may be inundated with too many betting options.

Our guest, Michael Moraine, Associate Professor of Sports Management at Brock University, sheds light on the current state of the industry. He explains how the multitude of third-party operators, alongside government-regulated entities, are aggressively targeting potential customers through pervasive advertising. The staggering numbers reflect the immense appetite for gambling in Canada, a trend that is likely to continue.

Ontario’s sports betting model is seen as a leading example, with a free-market approach and open access for regulated players who meet the necessary requirements and adhere to government regulations. Alberta and British Columbia are considering adopting a similar model, while Quebec has taken a different path by limiting operations to crown-owned entities.

We dive into the issue of privately owned platforms offering not just betting on game outcomes, but also on various prop bets, such as the color of the Gatorade dumped on the winning coach. Additionally, these platforms often include casino game betting, which raises the stakes and potentially increases gambling-related risks. Michael emphasizes the need for further research and education on this subject to fully understand the consequences and take proactive measures.

When it comes to regulations, Michael advocates for a robust framework that prioritizes research and education. Currently, there is a lack of evidence-based decision-making, and stakeholders from concerned parents to free-market consumers have varying viewpoints. By investing in thorough research and education, we can assess the effectiveness of advertisements and evaluate their impact on underage individuals. This information will ultimately shape future regulatory frameworks and ensure responsible gambling practices.

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With the NHL playoffs in full swing, Canadians are going all-in on sports betting – but are we moving too fast?

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Hosted by Anne-Marie Mediwake along with Lindsey Deluce and Kelsey McEwen, YOUR MORNING delivers a fresh perspective on today’s headlines, engaging conversations with trending celebrities and news makers, plus helpful advice and know-how to make sure you and yours are ready for the day ahead.

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  1. Ontario according to a recent CBC report is losing money from introducing online gambling both sports and other online casino games in the province. It is because it is siphoning players and money from the physical casinos and bingo halls. COVID made it worse because the physical gambling sites were shutdown multiple times during COVID lockdowns and most continued to get their fix online.

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