Transitioning from academia to entrepreneurship – UCLTF Climate Tech Webinar

## **Moving from Academic to Entrepreneur: The Challenges and Rewards**

In this engaging webinar, join us as we explore the transition from the world of academia to entrepreneurship with David Grimm, UCLTF Investment Director, and special guest Aidan O’ Sullivan, CTO and Co-Founder of Carbon Re.

Are you curious about what it’s like to leave the academic realm and venture into the world of entrepreneurship? David and Aidan discuss the challenges they faced and the motivations behind their decision.

Discover the fascinating parallels between academia and entrepreneurship. Find out how people’s passion for their field in academia can drive them to build successful startups. Gain insights into the similarities and differences in communication, collaboration, and shared vision between these two domains.

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At our webinar, ‘The state of early-stage Climate Tech investing’, David Grimm, UCLTF Investment Director asked what it’s like moving from the role of academic to entrepreneur.

The panellist is:
-Aidan O’ Sullivan, CTO and Co-Founder of Carbon Re, a UCLTF portfolio company helping energy-intensive industries reduce their carbon emissions.

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