Co-dependence of the Metaverse and Cloud Computing: #ETCloudInnovation

**Title: Metaverse and Cloud Computing: A Co-Dependent Existence**

Welcome to the fireside chat on the topic of metaverse and cloud computing. In this session, we explore the co-dependent relationship between these two emerging technologies and their significance in the future. Our esteemed speakers include Anjani Kumar, CIO of Strides Pharma Science, Akilur Rahman, CTO of Hitachi Energy India, and Sharat Chandra, Co-Founder of India Blockchain Forum & Head of Research & Strategy at EarthID.

In recent years, the metaverse has gained increasing relevance, accompanied by a heightened level of complexity. However, this complexity does not diminish its importance. In fact, it is highly likely that the metaverse and cloud computing will co-exist symbiotically in the future.


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**Full Transcript Excerpt:**
[0:00] “Well ladies and gentlemen, we’ll quickly move ahead to our fireside chat which is on the topic metaverse and cloud computing: a co-dependent existence…”

[5:45] “Metaverse is actually the evolution with all these technologies – digital simulation, augmented reality, virtual reality, mixed reality. Today, we talk about the metaverse which can interact with the system and the object, behaving and thinking like you…”

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Metaverse and Cloud Computing: a co-dependent existence

With the emergence of the metaverse, it becomes significantly more relevant with an added layer of complexity, but this does not detract from its importance. In fact, both can and most likely will exist co-dependently in the future.

Speakers: –
Anjani Kumar, CIO, Strides Pharma Science
Akilur Rahman, CTO, Hitachi Energy India
Sharat Chandra, Co-Founder, India Blockchain Forum & Head- Research & Strategy EarthID – Moderator

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