Top Picks: Ness Labs’ Must-Read Books for July 2023

**Discover the Most Transformative Books on Mindful Productivity and Work-Life Balance**

**The Good Enough Job**

Simone Stolzoff’s *The Good Enough Job* challenges the prevailing culture that places work and professional ambitions at the core of our identities. Stolzoff’s insightful reporting and interviews with professionals from various fields expose the impact of melding our sense of self with our jobs and the toll it takes on our well-being and overall success. The book encourages us to question societal norms, urging us to redefine what it means for a job to be satisfactory. *The Good Enough Job* offers a refreshing perspective for those seeking a healthier relationship with work and ambition.

**The Order of Time**

*Rovelli* demystifies time in *The Order of Time* using a unique combination of scientific insight, philosophical wisdom, and artistic flair. He takes readers on a journey from Einstein to loop quantum gravity, challenging our conventional understanding of time’s structure. The book invites us to confront the startling realities of our universe, where time flows at different speeds in different places. Beyond an intellectual feast, *The Order of Time* incites introspection, prompting us to reconsider our relationship with time and our perception of it.

**Hidden Genius**

*Hidden Genius* by *Polina Marinova Pompliano* offers valuable insights from some of the world’s most intriguing individuals. Drawing from her work at The Profile, Pompliano provides unique access to the mental frameworks that high performers utilize to navigate complex problems, fuel creativity, and thrive under pressure. Rather than superficial tips and tricks, these frameworks offer profound shifts in perspective that can reshape one’s worldview. This book is a valuable resource for enhancing thinking skills and finding inspiration in challenging times.

**Saving Time**

Jenny Odell’s *Saving Time* delves into our societal relationship with time, encouraging us to question the structures that commodify it and drive us towards relentless efficiency. Odell argues that the clock by which we live is designed more for profit than for people, turning even our leisure time into quantifiable and transactional moments. However, *Saving Time* is a beacon of hope, presenting alternative ways to experience time. By freeing time from commodification, Odell suggests that it can provide profound sources of meaning beyond the constraints of work or a profit-driven society.

**The Pathless Path**

In *The Pathless Path*, Paul Millerd takes readers through a deeply personal journey of self-discovery and personal growth. From his conventional success in a prestigious consulting firm, Millerd embarks on what he considers his life’s true work: identifying what truly matters to him and constructing a life centered around those values. This book is not a how-to guide filled with life hacks, but an intimate account of Millerd’s transition from a life focused on professional advancement to one centered on meaningful work. It is an essential read for those contemplating a departure from conventional jobs, navigating unconventional paths, or seeking alternative understandings of work in a rapidly changing world.

**Other Recommended Books**

Do you have any books in mind that would be a great fit for the Ness Labs Best Books series? We would love to hear your recommendations! Please let us know through our contact form. Self-recommendations are also welcome.

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