The Future of French Pure Players: Rue89, Atlantico, Owni…

**Title: The Future of Journalism: Exploring the Impact of Internet-based Pure Players**

### Description:

Welcome to this investigative journey into the rapidly evolving landscape of journalism! In this video, we delve into the world of pure players, websites that solely exist online and are disrupting the media industry. Join Sarah Bricogne and Axel Tardieu as they uncover the crucial role these new actors play and the implications they bring.

Discover the transformative power of pure players, also known as online news sites, as they challenge traditional media outlets. Explore the rise of platforms such as Rue89, OWNI, Atlantico, Newsring,, and more.

Uncover the insights and expertise of renowned sociologists, Guillaume Dasquié, Pascal Riché, and Aurélie Aubert, as they shed light on the prospects and challenges faced by these digital news platforms. Gain valuable knowledge on the emerging field of data journalism and its importance in shaping the future of news dissemination.

This captivating investigation was conducted in May 2012. From the conversations with industry pioneers to the analysis of the societal impact, this comprehensive transcript will guide you through the intricacies of the topic.

Join us in this thought-provoking exploration of the internet’s potential to revolutionize journalism. Let’s unravel the significance of pure players and the shifts they bring to the news landscape. Enhance your understanding of the enigmatic forces shaping our digital era.

**Keywords/Tags**: *Rue89, OWNI, sociologue, web, médias, pure players, sites d’actualités, news, infos en ligne, Atlantico, Newsring,, Guillaume Dasquié, Pascal Riché, Aurélie Aubert, Paris 8, enjeux, data journalism*

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– [OWNI](
– [Atlantico](
– [Newsring](
– [](
– [Guillaume Dasquié](
– [Pascal Riché](
– [Aurélie Aubert](
– [Paris 8](
– [Data Journalism](

Internet est-il l’avenir du journalisme ? Certains sites en font le pari. On les appelle des pure players, ils n’existent que sur la toile et bousculent le paysage médiatique. Quelle place occupent ces nouveaux acteurs et quels en sont les enjeux ? Enquête avec Sarah Bricogne et Axel Tardieu.
Mai 2012

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