The 40-Year Cycle of Gold, Silver, and Oil: Implications for Commodities Supercycle, 2030 Economic Downturn, Mortgage, and Global Inflation

**Welcome to another edition of the New World Society!** In this video, Mani NYC shares data on current news and reports of Mortgage, Commodities, Global Debt, and Supercycles. Get ready to dive into topics like global debt, inflation, mortgage, gold, silver, oil, and more.

In this video, Mani NYC discusses the commodity super cycle, inflation, the 2030 depression, housing information, and the gold and silver ratios in the 40-year super cycle of commodities and precious metals.

According to historical analysis of commodity super cycles, Wells Fargo predicts that gold will at least double in price, with a price target of three thousand dollars per ounce. China’s dominance in energy control and its strategy of supply security will have a significant impact on commodity windfall and investments.

The video also touches on the Korean War and the control of resources by Kim Jong-un. Understanding the history of this war and its relation to resources is essential.

Supply is a crucial piece of the commodities equation, and current projections show sizable supply gaps in key mining commodities by 2030. While prices are expected to rise, a lot can happen between now and then. To gain more insights, Mani NYC suggests listening to experts like David Hunter, Greg Manorino, and Michael Pinto, who specialize in cycles and market trends.

In terms of investments during this time, metals, rare earth, and agricultural commodities are projected to be part of a significant super cycle. However, it’s crucial to make financial decisions with a professional advisor who understands the current market conditions.

Inflation is another topic discussed in the video, with examples of high inflation rates in Beirut, Lebanon, and Argentina. There is also news about Tunisia being on the brink of default, leading to implications for migrants and the economy.

Addressing the question of whether a great depression will occur in the 2030s, Mani NYC shares insights on the potential length and preparation for such a scenario. Minimizing debt, considering fixed-rate mortgages, and focusing on assets like gold, silver, and cash are among the recommendations provided.

Remember to do thorough research and consult with financial advisors to navigate these uncertain times carefully. Stay informed with the latest news and expert opinions from reliable sources to make well-informed decisions.

For more information on this topic, check out these expert sources:
– [David Hunter](authoritylink1)
– [Greg Manorino](authoritylink2)
– [Michael Pinto](authoritylink3)

Join us in this discussion about the current state of the market and how it may impact our financial future. Let’s be prepared and stay ahead of the curve.

Note: This video transcript has been edited for clarity and formatting purposes.


Mani NYC sharing data on current news and reports of Mortgage, Commodities, Global Debt and Supercycles

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