Texas A&M-Commerce Spring 2019 Graduate Ceremony

## Your Commitment to Your Why! | Texas A&M-Commerce Graduation Address by Steven Dawson

In this motivational address to the masters and doctorate graduates of Texas A&M University-Commerce, Steven Dawson, founder of Dawson Private Wealth, shares his wisdom on financial planning, commitment, and the importance of staying true to your ‘why’.

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In his address, Steven Dawson reflects on his personal journey from graduating at TAMU-Commerce to becoming a Certified Financial Planner and founder of Dawson Private Wealth, a faith-based financial planning firm. He emphasizes the value of empowerment through financial literacy education and highlights the partnership between Dawson Private Wealth and TAMU-Commerce in providing internships to students.

As a prominent figure in the finance industry, Steven Dawson shares his experiences and challenges as an African American financial advisor, inspiring graduates to stay committed to their ‘why’ despite any obstacles. He encourages them to define and grow their ‘why’ for lasting success and fulfillment.

This compelling address is a valuable resource for graduates, aspiring financial advisors, and anyone seeking motivation to stay committed to their personal and professional goals.

For the full transcript of the address, visit [TAMU-Commerce](source-link) and for more insights on financial planning and wealth management, visit [Dawson Private Wealth](source-link).

Don’t miss this empowering graduation address that will fuel your commitment to your ‘why’ in all aspects of life.

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