Testimonial Diaries: AI Connect’s Impact by Sikandar Khan, CEO of Twenty2 Ventures

# AI Connect: Pakistan’s Inaugural AI Conference

Welcome to AI Connect, Motive’s inaugural AI conference in Pakistan! Held on July 13th and 14th, 2022 at Pc Hotel, Lahore, this one-of-a-kind event brought together investors, students, academia, practitioners, and industry leaders for a unique networking experience[^1^].

As the CEO and General Partner of 22 Ventures, an angel investor syndicate, Sikandar Khan is on a mission to invest in e-commerce and blockchain tech companies in Pakistan and abroad. In this video, he shares his perspective on the potential of artificial intelligence (AI) in Pakistan[^2^].

Despite being an engineer with experience in the tech sector, Khan acknowledges that AI is an area that is relatively unexplored in Pakistan. However, with an increasing number of schools offering AI courses and the availability of resources like YouTube and Wikipedia, people are becoming more familiar with the concept. Still, Khan emphasizes the value of physically coming together under one roof, like at AI Connect, to connect with industry experts and learn about cutting-edge topics like autonomous vehicles[^3^].

From discussions with the likes of Dr. Yasir Sheikh and Sara Tarek, Khan highlights the importance of embracing AI from a Pakistani perspective. While autonomous vehicles may become more prevalent in countries like the USA by 2030, Pakistan is also making strides towards incorporating AI, starting with smaller transportation vehicles[^4^].

AI Connect marks a significant milestone in Pakistan’s AI ecosystem. Khan is thrilled to see the growing interest and specialization in AI among students in the country, particularly at institutions like FAST[^5^]. He believes that Motive’s initiative will have a lasting impact on the overall development of AI in Pakistan, fostering connections, and contributing to the ecosystem’s growth[^6^].

Join us at AI Connect as we explore the potential of AI in Pakistan and embark on an exciting journey towards a tech-driven future. Thank you for watching!

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AI Connect, Motive’s inaugural AI conference in Pakistan was held on 13th & 14th July 2022 at Pc Hotel, Lahore. This one of a kind conference gave attendees a chance to network with investors, students, academia, practitioners and industry leaders.

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