Tech Needs More Diversity in Venture Capital, Urges Prominent Female VC Investor

**Title: Bringing Diversity to Tech and Venture Capital: Insights from Leading Tech VC Investor Lina Zakarauskaite**


In this intriguing interview with Lina Zakarauskaite, a prominent tech VC investor at Stride VC and an advocate for diversity in tech, startups, and venture capital, she shares her valuable insights with Steve Roest, host of HealthTech Hour and CEO of PocDoc. As a younger female investor in London, Lina acknowledges the need for improvement in the industry when it comes to diversity. She acknowledges the challenges faced in both tech and finance sectors but highlights the positive impact of initiatives aimed at encouraging women in tech and venture capital. Lina firmly believes that cultivating diverse decision-makers is crucial for driving meaningful conversations, tackling problems from different angles, and providing unique perspectives based on personal experiences and backgrounds. She emphasizes that venture capital, at its core, is about making informed decisions and placing strategic bets, which is greatly enhanced by diversity. Join us as we explore the importance of diversity and its potential to shape the future of tech and venture capital.


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– There is quite a lot generally written, for those people listening, that follow in the space around the potential lack of diversity within venture capital and within startups at female founder, female CEO, you know, female investor. Have you seen any? What’s your view, generally, on that whole area?

– I mean, being a younger female investor in London, as an industry, I think we need to do better. It’s a challenge in tech. It’s a challenge in finance. Things are getting better. There are amazing incentives, you know, initiatives of getting women in tech and women into VC and, you know, these great, great initiatives, great projects to help and change the status quo, but I do believe that, in a small way, we are helping to create the future of us as a society and the society is diverse. – [Steve] Yeah. – And so the more people in the decision making power that can really help and drive these conversations and look at these problems from different angles and provide different points of view, based on their personal experience, based on the background, based on many different things altogether, I think that’s what venture capital, at the end of the day, it’s a simple business. It’s about the quality of your decision making, right? It’s the bets that we place and so the more, I think, diversity we bring into that, the better. I think we all do actually as a collective.

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Lina Zakarauskaite is a leading tech VC investor at Stride VC and she is an advocate for more diversity in tech, startups and venture capital. Here she explains her views to Steve Roest, host of HealthTech Hour and CEO of PocDoc.

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