Spring 2020 A&M-Commerce Staff Service Awards

**Celebrating Excellence: Virtual Staff Service Awards Ceremony at Texas A&M University-Commerce**

Join Staff Council President, Mona Gilley, and A&M-Commerce President, Mark Rudin, as they host the virtual service awards ceremony honoring the dedicated staff of Texas A&M University-Commerce for the 2019-2020 school year. Due to current circumstances, this annual event has been brought to the virtual world, ensuring that each recipient is recognized for their outstanding contributions.

The recipients of these awards will also be celebrated at the upcoming spring 2021 event. Be sure to show your support and congratulate these deserving staff members by leaving a comment below!

This virtual presentation may be different from a traditional banquet, but it is a heartfelt way to acknowledge and express gratitude for the hard work and service provided by the staff members of our institution.

The Staff Council at Texas A&M University-Commerce is proud to recognize these individuals and highlight their dedication to the university community. Join us in honoring these exceptional staff members who play a vital role in making our university a success.

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Hi, I’m Mona Gilley, the Staff Council President, and I warmly welcome you to our virtual staff service award ceremony. Each staff member being honored in this video will also be recognized at our in-person award ceremony next spring. Despite the virtual format, we want to ensure that each recipient receives the acknowledgment they deserve for their service to our institution.

In a challenging time like now, it is essential to recognize the hard work and dedication of our professional staff members. They are the driving force behind the success of our university, and it is a privilege to honor their contributions.

The award requirements have been modified to ensure that all deserving individuals are recognized in a timely and efficient manner. We have taken inspiration from other institutions to streamline the process and ensure that no one is overlooked.

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