Beth Faus of Notion: Investing in Climate Tech #SaaS

Welcome to the Notion Capital Podcast! In this episode, Charles and Beth discuss the exciting aspects of being a venture capitalist and the challenges they face along the way. From the difficulty of rejecting a pitch to the everyday experiences of a VC, they dive into the interesting world of entrepreneurship and offer valuable insights and tips for aspiring entrepreneurs.

Beth Falls, an investor at Notion Capital, shares her journey in the B2B SaaS industry and her passion for startups. With a background in strategy consulting and angel investments, Beth’s entrepreneurial spirit led her to join the fantastic team at Notion Capital, a leading European VC firm.

Notion Capital, a London-based investment firm, has been investing in European SaaS and enterprise tech for over 12 years, with more than 80 successful investments to date. What sets Notion Capital apart is their hands-on approach and deep understanding of the founder’s perspective, as the partners themselves have built and scaled successful companies in the same space.

As a VC, Beth explains the reasons behind choosing this career path. It’s not just about making quick money, but rather the opportunity to constantly learn and stay up-to-date with the latest trends and innovations in the tech world. The joy of engaging with smart and ambitious founders and having a real impact on their companies makes being a VC intellectually stimulating and rewarding.

However, being a VC also comes with its challenges. Beth highlights the need to prioritize time effectively and manage competing demands. It’s crucial to strike a balance between analyzing deals, networking, and sourcing new opportunities. Additionally, the difficult task of saying no to founders and managing disappointments can be emotionally draining. Beth emphasizes the importance of providing constructive feedback and turning rejections into learning opportunities.

For aspiring entrepreneurs and anyone interested in the VC industry, this podcast episode offers valuable insights, tips, and a glimpse into the everyday life of a venture capitalist. Tune in for an engaging discussion on the fun side and challenges of being a VC in the European tech scene.

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Notion Capital is a venture capital firm, investing in European SaaS and enterprise tech with more than 80 investments to date.

Charles and Beth discuss fun side of being a VC and the challenges faced on this journey and the difficulty of rejecting a pitch and saying no as well as many other topics with fascinating everyday of a VC.

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