Sorry State of Women’s Healthcare in The Secret Life Of Cookies: Real First World Problems

**Title: “Discussing Racism in Women’s Healthcare: Spilling Chai Podcast with Anushay Hossain”**


Welcome to the secret life of cookies podcast, where host Marissa Rothkoff tackles the world’s problems one carbohydrate at a time. In this episode, Marissa is joined by Anushay Hossain, a bestselling author, women’s healthcare expert, and host of the Spilling Chai podcast. Together, they delve into the latest politics and women’s health issues in the United States concerning a recent study that exposes the racial disparities in childbirth mortality rates.

The study reveals the shocking reality that childbirth is deadlier for Black women and babies, regardless of their socioeconomic status. Anushay and Marissa discuss the underlying issue of racism that perpetuates this disparity and emphasize the significance of addressing this problem head-on.

But it’s not all serious talk—Marissa and Anushay also find solace and relaxation in therapeutic baking. They share a recipe for butterscotch chocolate chip cookies, showcasing the versatility of the recipe and their personal touch in making them. Whether crispy or chewy, the secret ingredient is the same: butterscotch chips and chocolate chips.

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Anushay Hossain, best-selling author, women’s healthcare expert and host of the Spilling Chai podcast joins Marissa to discuss the latest politics, women’s health and race in the United States after the release of a study this week that shows childbirth is deadlier for Black women and babies, whether rich or poor. Hint: It’s about racism, not race. Also: Anushay and Marissa do a little therapeutic baking to self-soothe.
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