Skan Secures $40M Series B Funding with Cathay Innovation as New Partner

# Cathay Innovation Reinvests $40M in Skan, a Process Intelligence Startup
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Cathay Innovation, an influential global venture capital fund, has reinvested in the cutting-edge process intelligence startup, Skan. This recent Series B funding round raised an impressive $40 million, attracting prominent investors like Dell Technologies Capital, GSR Ventures, and Liberty Global Ventures.

Skan’s revolutionary AI-driven process intelligence solution takes automation to a whole new level. By utilizing Skan’s platform, enterprises can effortlessly develop comprehensive and automation-ready process maps, providing actionable insights within weeks instead of months – expediting their digital transformation journey.

Discover how Skan empowers businesses with its groundbreaking technology, streamlining processes and enhancing operational efficiency. Join us in this informative video to witness the transformative power of process intelligence.

## Key Takeaways:

– Cathay Innovation reinvests $40M in Skan, alongside Dell Technologies Capital, GSR Ventures, and Liberty Global Ventures.
– Skan’s AI-driven process intelligence solution enables enterprises to develop detailed process maps in weeks, fostering digital transformation.
– Learn how Skan transforms businesses and drives operational efficiency through process intelligence.

## About Skan:
As a leading process intelligence startup, Skan aims to streamline organizations’ processes through cutting-edge technology. Their innovative AI-driven platform equips enterprises with detailed process maps, empowering them to make data-driven decisions and drive transformational change. To learn more about Skan, please [visit their official website](

*For more information on Cathay Innovation, please visit their [official website](*

Cathay Innovation reinvested in US-based process intelligence startup Skan, raising a $40M Series B, alongside Dell Technologies Capital, GSR Ventures and Liberty Global Ventures among others. Skan’s pioneering AI-driven process intelligence solution enables enterprises to automatically develop detailed, automation-ready process maps and provide actionable insights in weeks vs months – creating the foundational platform for digital transformation.

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