Brussels Left Stunned by Sweden’s EU Exit Strategy

## **Title: Calls for SWEXIT Grow in Sweden as Second-Largest Party Criticizes the EU**

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In this video, we discuss the growing calls for SWEXIT in Sweden, as the leader of the country’s second-largest party renews criticism of Brussels. The Sweden Democrat, a significant political force in Sweden with over 20% of the vote and 73 seats, has been vocal about the drawbacks of EU membership.

One of the main concerns of the Sweden Democrats is the lack of control over migration policy, as the EU migration pact imposes decisions on member countries. The party argues that Swedish voters should have the power to influence their own migration policy, rather than leaving it in the hands of politicians and bureaucrats in Brussels.

The Sweden Democrat leader, Jimmy Ackerson, and MEP Charlie Riemus, co-authored an article emphasizing the importance of involving citizens in decisions regarding the transfer of power. They propose a potential referendum lock and highlight the need to remove references to EU membership in the Swedish Constitution in order for the country’s preparedness to leave the EU to be credible.

Opposition figures in Sweden have been challenged by Charlie Riemus, who questions their lack of concrete proposals on how to handle further transfers of power to the EU. Despite the ongoing transfers of power within the EU, the discussion of a potential Swedish exit from the EU has been gaining momentum in the country.

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“Calls grow for SWEXIT as leader of Sweden’s second-largest party renews criticism of Brussels, saying the country ‘must take steps so we are prepared to leave the EU'” Mail:

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  1. Running 2 systems of government is very expensive. Bureaucrats require big salaries and big expense accounts. With the UK departing that is a huge loss of revenue for the EU. They will expect the remaining members to pick up that bill. The EU has done nothing to resolve the 6-month move from Brussels to France. Plus who really runs the agenda of the EU, Germany and France perhaps? The Davos billionnaires? What do the EU bureaucrats do all day? Create new legislation? The EU feels that if a pre-puberty male child starts hormone-blocking therapy they can compete with female athletes in sports as adults. Just maybe a lot of people think it is nuts to allow 12 -13-year-old children to start transitioning their sex. They are just kids.

  2. EU Pressures the Netherlands to force their farmers off and lands and to cut back their food production. Dutch farmers form their own political party and in a true underdog fashion take majority control of the government in the Netherlands and proceeds to flip the EU globalist agenda the bird.

    Now the Swedes are flipping the EU's globalist agenda the bird as well.


  3. The EU is a tyrannical organisation that has no place in democratic countries and all twenty seven members should refuse to work with or accept any instructions from the EU Commissioners! The same goes for the other tyrannical entities such as the UN, WHO, WEF, NATO, ETC. as they are only interested in exercising Power over the people without allowing them any say in their decisions! All these acronyms are tools of the devil!

  4. If Sweden Does vote to leave I hope they have the backing of their Civil Service, otherwise they will end up with the same mess the UK is in currently! Years of constant kick back and disruption that nullifies the benefits of being out of the EU! Getting the Civil Service on board has to be their first priority, or making it very clear to them, that they are there to serve the people & not to disrupt the will of the majority!

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