Simplifying Sustainability: A WEDF Perspective

[Video Title]: Managing Sustainability for Small Businesses | ITC Talks with Divej Mehta from Inmate

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Join us at the World Export Development Forum’s Business-to-Business meetings where ITC’s sustainability expert, Natalie Domeisen, discusses the importance of managing sustainability for small businesses with Divej Mehta, a representative from Inmate, an Indian leather company. In this insightful conversation, Divej shares his experiences and thoughts on bridging the gap between sustainability and trade.

Sustainability is no longer just about ensuring packages reach their destination intact – it’s about creating a better future, ensuring the longevity of our planet, and supporting the bottom line of businesses. Divej emphasizes the need for companies to not only prioritize profits but also embrace the challenge of sustainable practices. For startups and young entrepreneurs like him, it’s essential to collaborate with individuals and companies who understand the importance of giving back to society while being environmentally conscious.

However, Divej also highlights the crucial role of governments and policy makers in fostering a sustainable business environment. Aligning rules and regulations with the realities faced by small and medium-scale businesses is vital for their growth and survival. Startups are often concerned about their bottom line while striving to make a positive impact. Governments, in turn, need to actively listen, understand, and extend their support accordingly.

In this engaging conversation, Divej emphasizes that governments don’t need to reinvent the wheel; they simply need to be receptive and responsive. By actively collaborating with businesses and keeping a pulse on the industry’s needs, governments can play an instrumental role in fostering sustainable practices.

At International Trade Centre (ITC), we believe in the power of sustainable trade to drive economic growth while protecting the planet. Join us as we delve into the strategies and ideas that can shape a brighter future for businesses, society, and the environment.


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At the World Export Development Forum’s Business-to-Business meetings, ITC’s Natalie Domeisen talked with Divej Mehta, from Indian leather company Inmate about managing sustainability for small businesses.

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