Influencer Marketing: What is it and Why Does it Work?

Welcome to a new episode of Agora Marketing on Le Fonti TV, where we will discuss the marketing and communication strategies of a very important brand in the digital world – Intel. Intel is recognized as one of the top 50 brands internationally. Joining us in the studio is Dr. Agostino Melillo, Communication Manager Italy & Influencers lead Europe, Middle East, Africa at Intel.

Dr. Melillo will share his insights on what it means to do marketing for such an important brand and what their communication strategies are. Intel recognizes the importance of aligning their objectives with the values of the company and adapting them to the Italian context.

As a digital-focused company, Intel’s communication and marketing efforts are primarily carried out through internet and social media channels. They understand the significance of reaching their audience where they are most active. With over 70% of people connecting to the internet daily in Italy, internet is a crucial platform for their communication.

When it comes to social media, Intel acknowledges their importance. More than 60% of people in Italy have at least one social media account. However, there is no specific social media platform that they prioritize over others. Intel believes that social media is not strictly divided into B2B or B2C channels, as people use different platforms based on personal preferences. Their approach is to adapt their content and be authentic on each platform, understanding that each platform has its own unique features and audience.

TikTok is currently a challenge for many companies, as they try to navigate this rapidly-growing platform. However, Intel believes that it is crucial to be authentic in their approach. They recognize that the younger generation, known as Generation Z, heavily uses TikTok and its trends. Therefore, they aim to find genuine ways to communicate through this channel, either by collaborating with influencers who are already prominent on TikTok or by developing their own effective strategy.

Influencer marketing holds great importance for Intel. A recent statistic revealed that around 85% of companies plan to continue or expand their influencer marketing campaigns. Similarly, approximately 77% of people consider influencers to be trustworthy. Intel continues to work with influencers, aiming to create a dialogue with them and their audience, and integrate their brand into their lives.

The shift in influencer marketing is moving away from pre-packaged campaigns and towards recognizing influencers as individuals with their own unique traits and audience. By creating a dialogue and offering relevant content and products, Intel aims to build trust and showcase the authenticity of their brand through influencers.

Join us as we delve deeper into the world of marketing and communication with Dr. Agostino Melillo from Intel. Don’t forget to follow Le Fonti TV on [their website]( for more insightful content.

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Gli influencer hanno un ruolo sempre più decisivo nella comunicazione digitale: dalle celebrità ai micro-influencer sui social media, le aziende ricorrono spesso alla forza del personal branding per creare nuovi trend e aumentare le vendite. Ma occorre una precisa strategia per scegliere testimonial, canali e obiettivi. Con una parola d’ordine: condivisione dei valori. Ne abbiamo parlato con Agostino Melillo, Communication Manager Italy & Influencers lead Europe, Middle East, Africa INTEL.

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