Shareholder Committee’s Meeting Scheduled for June 19, 2023

**AGENDA (To view individual agenda items click on the links below)**

1. [Declarations of Interest](#declarations-of-interest) – *00:02:22*
2. [Minutes](#minutes) – *00:03:17*
3. [Exclusion of Press and Public](#exclusion-of-press-and-public) – *00:03:47*
4. [Public Participation](#public-participation) – *00:04:17*
5. [Make It York – Pay Remuneration](#make-it-york-pay-remuneration) (Press and public excluded) – *00:04:28*
6. [Yorwaste Ltd Finance Update](#yorwaste-ltd-finance-update) – *00:13:47*
7. [Veritau Limited Business Update](#veritau-limited-business-update) – *00:36:05*
8. [City of York Trading Ltd Update](#city-of-york-trading-ltd-update) (Press and public excluded) – *00:42:46*
9. [Work Plan](#work-plan) – *00:42:01*

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**Full Transcript:**
Good afternoon everyone and welcome to this meeting of the Shareholder Committee. My name is Councillor Lomas and I will be chairing this committee for this Municipal year. A couple of things to note before we begin. The meeting will be live-streamed, except for any sections where we agree to be in private session. Councillor Douglas is the other councillor on this committee, not Councillor Cobain. The change was made after the agenda was published to comply with the Constitution for this committee. Apologies for any confusion caused and welcome to Councillor Douglas, who will be joining us this year. We will be making a minor change to the running order of the meeting to better manage the public and private sections. We will take item nine, the work plan, before item eight, the City of York Trading Ltd update. Now, let’s move on to the agenda unless there are any questions about that.

**Item 1: Declarations of Interest**
Do any members have any Declarations of Interest?

Councillor Air: Just to be clear, Councillor Mansur, I’ll check with Bridal. I’m not sure yet, but some of the directorships that I was on pre-annual Council, I actually registered at Companies House. So I’m not sure how the process goes. While I did come off the Make It York board, I’m not sure whether that’s actually been updated at Companies House yet. Let’s go through some examples. I think if we just note for the minutes that, although it may still be listed at Companies House, that Councillor Air is a director, he has officially resigned essentially from that post. We’re just waiting for the paperwork to catch up. Great, thank you, Councillor Air.

**Item 2: Minutes**
Next, let’s look at the minutes of the meeting held on the 13th of March. I was not present for that meeting, neither were others here. So, unless anyone has any corrections or notes for those minutes, we’ll just accept them as correct and I shall sign them on behalf of the former chair of the committee.

**Item 3: Exclusion of Press and Public**
The next item on the agenda is to consider the exclusion of the press and public for agenda items eight and nine. As far as I understand it, it is right and proper to exclude the press and public for those two items, and I intend to do so unless there are any objections. I don’t see any objections. Thank you.

**Item 4: Public Participation**
Next is public participation, and I don’t believe we have any majoring through this agenda at the moment. Okay.

**Item 5: Make It York – Pay Remuneration**
We next move to the Make It York item. For this item, my understanding is the only matter of consideration is something that needs to be private. So at this point, we’re going to go into a closed session and we will resume the public session as soon as we’re finished. Welcome back, everyone who’s rejoined us. Just to note officially that the recommendation was carried, and we now move onto item number six, which is the Yorwaste Finance update. I’ll hand over to you.

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AGENDA (To view individual agenda items click on the links below)
1. Declarations of Interest 00:02:22
2. Minutes 00:03:17
3. Exclusion of Press and Public 00:03:47
4. Public Participation 00:04:17
5. Make It York – Pay Remuneration (Press and public excluded) 00:04:28
6. Yorwaste Ltd Finance Update 00:13:47
7. Veritau Limited Business Update 00:36:05
8. City of York Trading Ltd Update (Press and public excluded) 00:42:46
9. Work Plan 00:42:01

For full agenda, attendance details and supporting documents visit:

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