Rampd’s Carol Malakasis – Leading Workshop on Sales for Startups at Basis Set Ventures

**Title:** Mastering Founder-Led Sales: Tips and Strategies [2021]


[![Carol Malakasis](]( shares her expertise as the Managing Partner and Head of Training at Rampd, a sales consulting firm that has worked with hundreds of startups and founders. In this video, she covers everything from prospecting to closing deals, offering valuable insights and strategies for success. Watch now to learn from a seasoned sales expert who has helped numerous companies scale their sales efforts.


0:00 Introduction and background of Carol Malakasis
1:30 Defining selling and sales
3:17 Why people buy and what influences their decision
6:45 The importance of founder-led sales and its advantages over outsourcing
8:52 How to become a chief storytelling officer in sales

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[00:00] **Introduction**

Welcome to this video on mastering founder-led sales! In today’s session, we have Carol Malakasis, the Managing Partner and Head of Training at Rampd. With over 12 years of experience in sales, Carol has worked with numerous startups and founders, helping them excel in their sales efforts. Let’s jump right into the content!

[01:30] **Defining Selling and Sales**

To begin, Carol provides her definition of selling: “Selling is all about identifying pain points and understanding the needs of your prospects. Once you have that clarity, your job is to empower them by providing a solution.”

[03:17] **Why People Buy and Influencing Factors**

Carol discusses the three key reasons why people buy: trust in the individual, trust in the company and product, and belief in the ability to solve their problem. By presenting yourself and your company as experts and showing social proof, you can build trust and convince prospects to choose your product or service.

[06:45] **Advantages of Founder-Led Sales**

Carol emphasizes the importance of founder-led sales for early-stage startups. As a founder, no one knows your product better than you do. Your passion and product expertise make you the best person to sell your solution. Outsourcing sales may seem tempting, but at this stage, your deep understanding of the problem and your excitement about the solution will resonate with potential customers.

[08:52] **Becoming a Chief Storytelling Officer in Sales**

Carol encourages founders to become the chief storytelling officers of their companies. By effectively telling your story and conveying the value of your product, you can capture the attention and interest of your prospects. This skill is crucial for building relationships and closing deals.

To learn more about Carol and her work, connect with her on [LinkedIn]( For additional resources and communities mentioned in the video, check out [Basis Set Ventures](, [Persistence Community](, and [Dev Founders Community](

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As the Managing Partner and Head of Training, Carol has worked with hundreds of startups and founders to coach them on sales, from prospecting to qualifying, from pricing to contracting.

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