SEO This Week Episode 105 Highlights: GeoTargeting, Fresh UserAgent, Lighthouse Insights

Welcome to SEO This Week with Clint Butler, episode 105! In this episode, Clint is joined by Ted and Terry to discuss geo-targeting, Google Maps, and more. They’ll dive into insights, map rankings, and the tools Terry is using to leverage maps.

First, some housekeeping updates: the podcast will be updated on iTunes and submitted to Spotify. Clint is also considering syndicating the video on other channels. The team is working on live webcasting to Facebook using Wirecast. Clint plans to add the podcast to Pocket Casts and is open to suggestions for other syndication platforms.

In the video, Clint addresses a question about obtaining URLs of the stories discussed. He now includes a link in the description to the post on that accompanies the show, where you can find all the links mentioned. He recommends watching the live stream on the ET channel and encourages viewers to subscribe and ring the bell for notifications.

Clint also introduces Apple Mag, a platform where you can subscribe to digital marketing and other magazines. He mentions his plans to use Magcast to share the stories discussed in the show, providing readers with articles and recordings for free. Clint invites anyone with SEO content to submit their articles on to be featured in the magazine and gain exposure.

If you’re tired of reading the same SEO content everywhere and believe you have something unique to share, Clint encourages you to submit your articles and stand out from the noise. He recommends sending the exact copy of your article for syndication on Magcast.

Stay tuned for more updates and valuable insights in future episodes!

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