Mission-Aligned Allocation at Capricorn: William Orum’s Journey (Climate Solutions EP.2, Capital…)

**Bill Orum: Leading Climate Solutions at Capricorn Investment Group**

Bill Orum is a Partner at Capricorn Investment Group, a leading mission-aligned investment organization. With over $9 billion in assets under management, Capricorn is dedicated to leveraging market forces to address global problems, particularly in the realm of climate change. In this video, Bill discusses Capricorn’s investment program, the range of opportunities in climate solutions, and the strategies they employ to make a lasting impact.

**Establishing a Mission-Aligned Investment Program**

Capricorn’s mission is to deliver extraordinary investment results by aligning with the needs of our planet. Bill shares insights into the process of establishing an investment program that matches Capricorn’s mission and values. By integrating climate and impact considerations into their multi-asset class portfolios, Capricorn ensures that their investments have a positive effect on the environment.

**Exploring Investment Opportunities in Climate Solutions**

Bill delves into the vast universe of investment opportunities to address climate solutions. From seeding new funds that support impact asset managers to investing in emerging markets and public markets, Capricorn actively seeks ways to scale capital and drive positive change. Bill also highlights the potential long-term solutions that could have a transformative impact on the world.

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Original Publish Date: 3/13/2023


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Bill Orum is a Partner at Capricorn Investment Group, one of the largest and longest standing mission-aligned investment organizations. Capricorn oversees $9 billion across three distinct but related investment strategies – an OCIO serving families and foundations, a seeding business that backs impact asset managers, and the Technology Impact Fund, a venture capital fund focused on clean technology and climate solutions. Bill joined Capricorn twenty years ago in the firm’s infancy with the mission to deliver extraordinary investment results by leveraging market forces to scale solutions to global problems with a focus on the climate.

Our conversation covers the establishment of an investment program to match the Capricorn’s mission, universe of available investment opportunities to address climate solutions, and Capricorn’s strategy to implement. We discuss seeding new funds, venture capital, emerging markets, public markets, current opportunities, and the potential for a long-term solution for the world.

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Original Publish Date: 3/13/2023

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