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# Investor Matching Event with Draper B1 and Startups | Startuplabs Spain

Welcome to another Investor Matching event hosted by Startuplabs Spain! In this event, we are connecting five startups from our network with Raquel Bernal Alonso, Managing Partner at Draper B1.

Draper B1 is a seed-stage investment fund with a focus on agnostic sectors, primarily B2B or B2B2C business models. Their investment thesis includes an initial investment of EUR 150,000 with the potential for follow-on investments of up to EUR 1,000,000.

The startups presenting in this event are:

1. Bitstartups (Benjamín Sanchis)
2. Hogar Salud (Alberto Pardal)
3. Lubets (Alicia Zurita Negro)
4. Homyhub (Enzo Alejandro Zamora D’Alessandro)
5. (Juan Francisco García Vergel)

The event agenda is as follows:

– 11:30 AM: Introduction to
– 11:35 AM: Introduction to APX.VC
– 11:45 AM: Techaway Technologies (4 minutes presentation + 4 minutes Q&A)
– 11:53 AM: (4 minutes presentation + 4 minutes Q&A)
– 12:01 PM: Rentiner (4 minutes presentation + 4 minutes Q&A)
– 12:09 PM: Clotsy Brand (4 minutes presentation + 4 minutes Q&A)
– 12:17 PM: Hipnos (4 minutes presentation + 4 minutes Q&A)

Join us for an exciting event showcasing innovative startups and potential investment opportunities. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to connect with angel investors and venture capitalists in the industry.

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Bienvenidos a otro evento de Investor Matching de Startuplabs Spain, el segundo después del lanzamiento formal de Esta vez conectamos cinco startups de nuestro entorno con @Raquel Bernal Alonso, Managing Partner en Draper B1

Draper B1 es un fondo de inversión con la siguiente tesis de inversión:
Valoración/Etapa: Invierten en seed
Tickets: Inversión inicial de EUR 150.000 con el potencial de inversiones de follow-on de hasta EUR 1.000.000
Sectores: Agnósticos, menos Biotech
Modelo de negocio: Principalmente B2B o B2B2C

Las startups que van a presentar son:
Bitstartups (Benjamín (🅱𝗶𝘁𝘀𝘁𝗮𝗿𝘁𝘂𝗽𝘀) Sanchis)
Hogar Salud (Alberto Pardal)
Lubets (Alicia Zurita Negro)
Homyhub (Enzo Alejandro Zamora D’Alessandro) (Juan Francisco García Vergel)

11:30 Presentación
11:35 Presentación APX.VC
11:45 Techaway Technologies (4 minutos presentación + 4 minutos preguntas)
11:53 (4 minutos presentación + 4 minutos preguntas)
12:01 Rentiner (4 minutos presentación + 4 minutos preguntas)
12:09 Clotsy Brand (4 minutos presentación + 4 minutos preguntas)
12:17 Hipnos (4 minutos presentación + 4 minutos preguntas)

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