Scalability and Sustainability in Agriculture Insurance: An International Conference

Welcome to the International Conference on Agriculture Insurance and Scalability. In this video, we will discuss the importance of agricultural insurance and its role in climate change risk management in Indonesia. We will also explore the strategic steps for the development of agriculture insurance and gather input for the formulation of the national development plan.

As the host and presenter, Iyos Aditya, would like to inform you that the Ministry of National Development Planning (Bappenas) is dedicated to supporting the protection of farmers, especially in the face of climate change impacts. One of the key solutions is the implementation of agricultural insurance in Indonesia. In this conference, we aim to identify strategic steps for the development of agricultural insurance within the framework of climate change risk management. We also seek input for the formulation of the national development plan for the years 2025-2009.

Throughout the video, we will hear from esteemed speakers such as Dr. Vivi Yulasuwati, the Deputy Minister for Maritime Affairs and Natural Resources of Bappenas, and Eng. Ali Jamil MP PHD, the Director General for Infrastructure and Agricultural Facilities of the Ministry of Agriculture. We also have the honor of the presence of Mr. Christian, the Secretary General of ASEAN Insurance Council, and representatives from various ministries and institutions.

It is important to note that the implementation of agricultural insurance requires collaboration and support from multiple stakeholders, including the government, insurance companies, and financial authorities. To ensure the successful development and implementation of agricultural insurance, it is crucial to provide farmer education and capacity building, as well as to create a supportive ecosystem for all stakeholders.

Please join us in this conference as we discuss the importance of agriculture insurance and its potential in mitigating the negative impacts of climate change on farmers. Let us work together to achieve the goal of protecting and empowering farmers through agricultural insurance in Indonesia.

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