IoT Coffee Break: Arkley Brinc VC, Leapfunder, Future Industry Ventures, and Redstone Lead Startup Investment

**Title: Fundraising Perspectives on Early-Stage IoT Startups in Europe**

*Join us for an informative discussion on fundraising for early-stage IoT startups in Europe. Our expert panelists, including Bryony Cooper from Arkley Brinc VC, Tienko Rasker from Leapfunder, and Mohamed Foulser from Future Industry Ventures & Redstone, will share their insights and experiences in the world of technology investments.*


In this YouTube video, IoT+ explores the challenges and opportunities of fundraising for early-stage IoT startups in Europe. Our expert panelists, Bryony Cooper, Tienko Rasker, and Mohamed Foulser, discuss concrete examples and share their perspectives on why investing in IoT companies is essential in today’s fast-scaling market.

As an IoT startup, attracting the right investors can be a daunting task. That’s why we delve into questions such as how to attract investors in your next fundraising round, how business angels, venture capital, or public funding can support your business idea, and what strategies to implement and avoid. This discussion is a must-watch whether you’re preparing for your next investment round, currently in the middle of it, or simply interested in deep tech investments.

Moderated by Fatlinda Nikqi (IoT+ Network), this interactive coffee break event provides networking opportunities while gaining valuable insights into the world of IoT startups. Join us to learn about the vast possibilities of IoT applications and engage with our panelists directly.

**Speaker Details:**

1. Bryony Cooper – Managing Partner – [Arkley Brinc VC](
– Title: [Fundraising Perspectives on Early-Stage IoT Startups in Europe](

2. Tienko Rasker – CEO – [Leapfunder](
– Title: [How to find the right business angel for your Startup](

3. Mohamed Foulser – Investor – [Future Industry Ventures]( & [Redstone](
– Title: [The value add of investors](

Don’t miss out on this informative discussion that will provide valuable insights into fundraising for early-stage IoT startups in Europe. Watch the full video to learn from industry experts and optimize your startup’s investment journey.

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Once again, IoT+ explores an interesting topic with concrete examples by experts in technology investments like Redstone, Leapfunder, and ArkleyBrinc to demonstrate why the innovative power of IoT warrants investments into upcoming, fast-scaling companies.
We will explore questions such as

– As an IoT startup, how do I attract the right investors in my next fundraisng round?
– How can business angels, venture capital or public money support my business idea?
– What should I do and what should definitely not do?

Whether you are preparing your next investment round, are already in the middle of it, or would simply like to learn more about what is key in investments in deep tech – join us of an afternoon and ask our experts yourself!
The IoT+ Coffee Break is dedicated to networking in an entertaining, interactive format and invites all interested parties to listen, learn and participate. Moderated by Fatlinda Nikqi, IoT+ Network continues the successful series of Coffee Breaks where you can learn about the variety of IoT application possibilities during this short afternoon event.

Bryony Cooper – Managing Partner – Arkley Brinc VC
Title: Fundraising Perspectives on Early-Stage IoT Startups in Europe
Raising investment for IoT or Connected Hardware startups is never easy, and comes with a unique set of challenges. Having founded companies in London, Berlin and Warsaw whilst deeply immersed in the startup ecosystem for the past 12 years, Bryony brings multiple fundraising perspectives to the table: as a startup founder raising investment, as a mentor coaching founders on their fundraising journey, and now as a VC investing into early/seed-stage IoT companies.

Tienko Rasker – CEO – Leapfunder
Title: How to find the right business angel for your Startup
Leapfunder aims to introduce startups to an extensive European Angel list and help find financing. We offer support and financial tools. Leapfunder financial products aim to enhance a direct relationship between the startup and the investor.

Mohamed Foulser – Investor – Future Industry Ventures & Redstone
Title: The value add of investors
Startups often have to qualify the value add of investors, which comes with its fair share of questions that founders ask themselves. Mohamed will look to shed some light on the perspectives that various investors can bring to the table and how founders could better prepare themselves for selecting investors to share their journey with.

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